High temperature heats up mainland weather to explode, a lot of netizen play say flat go be away for the summer holidays to Africa. This is not joking, because hemisphere of north and south is seasonal contrary, at present African as it happens is the coolest season in a year, kenya, south Africa and Mauritius became the summer resort that Liu Ke loves most, stream was last year 3 times of the corresponding period.

Newspaper of the electron when Taiwan is medium will report on August 9 say, according to mom of ass of mainland travel website 7 days of offerred data show this month, africa already was become Liu Ke leaves the country this year the be away for the summer holidaysing that swims to love most travels one of destination. In Africa, the most welcome ordinal it is Moroccan, south Africa and Mauritius, Kenya, Tunisia, travel price and about the same last year, much concentration is in 1 arrive between 20 thousand yuan of RMBs, number of day of go on a journey is in more 8 days of above, the first ten days of a month in this month will be highest peak of go on a journey of summer vacation time, shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wuhan, having stannum is to go to blame swim ground of 10 big popular passenger source.

According to statistic of World Tourism Organization, went to the guest that be not land to occupy the mainland to go abroad only 2008 swim 3% of total number, rose 2016 to 10% , amount to 11.3 million person-time, and still be in with annual the speed of 50% grows quickly.

According to African media coverage, because the relaxation of visa condition and airliner of non-stop flight to are enlightened,wait for a reason, went to the garment to all alone 2016 be equal to inferior, the Liu Ke number of Kenya and south Africa grows considerably, the main purpose that travels toward Africa before includes to be celebrated to Africa marriage, graduation, birthday or it is to celebrate a festival, experience different exotic amor

ous feelings and culture. Especially tourist of Europe of tower above of land guest purchasing power 40% , to African tourism, mainland tourist is the cake that the sky falls down.

Original title: Large quantities of China tourist

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