The battalion of Sen Jun of U.S. Army Chinese that is located in Japanese Okinawa county broke out new coronal virus collects infection recently. Up to on December 23, han S

enjun battalion already reported 232 leathernecks contract new coronal virus.

In the meantime, the epidemic situation of barback of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day already caught Japanese employee. 23 days, report of Okinawa place government adds 4 Japanese newly to affect Aomike to army the case of illness of poisonous individual plant, include 3 employee that work in U.S. Army base and a children that resent 10 years old.

Original title: Japanese Okinawa is stationed in base of day U.S. Army to already 232 soldiers affect responsibilit

y of new coronal virus to edit: Ceng Shaolin