Aliakebaersalixi of chairman of organization of electric Iran nuclear energy was in Teheran of Xinhua News Agency 13 days on January 13 accept Iranian nation the TV station is interviewed, iran gains huge success in nuclear technology domain, already began to prepare to produce the new-style nuclear fuel of 20% abundance.

Sa Lixi says, a few inchoate jobs already were undertaking, iran already lay on the doorsill that produces this kind of nuclear fuel. Nevertheless, he did not divulge this is why to be planted nuclear fuel.

Sa Lixi expresses, an experiment that is located in Teheran still is using vintage nuclear fuel with nuclear reactor, new-style nuclear fuel will conduce to improve its work efficiency.

He says, iranian scientist gain

ed huge success in nuclear technology domain, include already can own research and development is new-style nuclear fuel, and no longer confine studies at simple converse project. Sa Lixi still expresses, iran is at present capable to design nuclear reactor independently.

In July 2015, iran and Yi nucleus problem 6 countries (the United States, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) manage Iranian nucleus problem comprehensive agreement. According to the agreement, iranian acceptance restricts its assess to delimit, include to sus

pend activity of tall abundance enriched uranium, international society will remove pair of Yi punish. American president Telangpu announced the United States exits Yi nucleus agreement in May 2018, the United States just restarts stage by stage subsequently pair of Yi punish of because of the agreement time-out. Iran still stays inside the agreement at present.

Original title: Iranian nuclear energy organizes: Iran prepares to produce edition of responsibility of new-style nuclear fuel: Ceng Shaolin