In report will occupy new network on December 31 coverage of Russia satellite network, office of information of Russian Ministry of Public Health releases a message to say, building of a dweller produces Si Kezhou of Che Liya guest explosive accident, cause 2 people to die, additionally much person gets hurt. Presidential general Beijing indicates wholesome minister Sikewoerzunwa to take all step, to this city Ma Geni holds Ge Ersi in the palm to overcome family member of the wounded in city urgent accident and victim to provide a help.

Show according to newest report, in the accident, in having 3 wounded person, spend get hurt, already sent cure cure, sikewoerzunwa direct of assume personal command. Accordingly before report, muscovite time before dawn 4 when the left and right sides, city Ma Geni holds the Yabinsike in the car in the palm building of a house of town of Ge Ersi gram produces gas explosion accident, bring about among them an unit entrance is in occurrence floor cave in.

Occupy a story additionally, this explosion causes 48 apartment damage, inside these apartment fair live have 110 people. Ministry of emergency department news expresses Russia: 10 people are rescued in remains, it is living. 2 people die. For scattered the personnel that come out prepared two to

find a place for temporarily center.

According to the report, the message says: Through with the Yabinsike in the car city Ministry of Public Health t

he door cooperates, to get hurt the medical treatment that personnel provides place to be necessary and advisory service. The spot has group of emergency treatment of 10 groups medical treatment. All whole town hospitals prepare the member that accept. Arouse confederative assemblyman provides necessary help. Current, 3 people get hurt, in belonging to, spend get hurt.

Emphasize according to this office of information: To get hurt the item that personnel offers urgent medical treatment to help is directed personally by wholesome minister. Before this, russian president news does release a message to say: Did general Beijing already indicate wholesome minister Wei Luoni to get stuck? Sikewoerzunwa takes all necessary step, to the Yabinsike in the car city Ma Geni holds Ge Ersi in the palm to overcome the wounded in city urgent accident and victim family member to provide a help.

Original title: Explosion of one dweller building sends Russia dead much person injures 2 people general Beijing gives orders to offer help responsibility edition: Zheng Lili