China of world feather couplet surpasses Chen Yufei publicly to suffer into 4 Jiang Hebing charming changeover goes out bureau

China of world feather couplet made public contest to continue to undertake in Changzhou 2019, final of female odd 1/4, chen Yufei falls continuously two bureaus, wash out the Li Meimiao of player of Thailand foreign citizen of Chinese origin that Xin Du beats unexpectedly before this, hit successfully into 4 strong. He Bingjiao faces Marlin of Olympic Games champion, two innings are thrown repeatedly after winning one bureau first, suffer changeover does not have predestined relationship semifinal.

Indian world falls into disuse before Chen Yufei meets this head-on the Li Meimiao of player of Thailand foreign citizen of Chinese origin of Xin Du of champion of bright and beautiful contest, 7 times Chen Yufei of fight hand to hand wins before this two people below 6. Head bureau Chen Yufei masters half paragraphs all the time afore on field active, successive aggression is procurable once 12-8 is banner, but after this is chased after 5 minutes to lo

se a dominant position repeatedly by Li Meimiao however. The Chen Yufei after 13-14 connects 4 minutes, precede with 17-14 and 19-16 for a time, still be unexpectedly by Li Meimiao try hard to catch up, send a bureau the drop with 19-20 instead. The moment of truth, chen Yufei withstands pressure, put a network procurable recover bureau point, plus the field after Li Meimiao disclose successive outside, chen Yufei is connected so that forestall his opponent by a show of strength 3 minutes with 22-20.

The 2nd bureau connects 4 minutes after Chen Yufei 2-1, before half paragraphs continue to squelch Li Meimiao, 3 minutes are connected after hitting 9-6, dominant position of the establishment after the bureau i

n entering, once preceded with 15-8, did not give Li Meimiao any an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage again, withstand of adversary kickback, precede 3 minutes are taken to grab game ball repeatedly after 17-12 all the way, win victory finally with 21-13, fall continuously two bureaus beat adversary to be hit into 4 strong, the adversary of semifinals is probable it is Dai Ziying of Chinese Taipei famous general.

Challenge of final of He Bingjiao 1/4 just hurts the Marlin of champion of Spanish Olympic Games that reappears more, both sides has had fight hand to hand 5 times before this, he Bingjiao surpasses uppercut to had beaten rival in Indonesian last year Great Master only, the others loses a ball 4 times entirely, nevertheless among them 4 both sides are hit full 3 bureaus, actual strength is more adjacent.

Head before the bureau half paragraphs of bilateral contention is intense, score is bitten closely 10 smooth, he Bingjiao 11-10 enters time-out, he Bingjiao is connected so that pull open minute of difference 5 minutes after time-out, marlin is successive error, he Bingjiao hits a 10-1, leave one bureau first with 21-11. Why does the 2nd bureau put charming on the ice to leave the bureau is brief and banner, nevertheless 6-5 hind loses 4 minutes to be turned over to exceed repeatedly, wheeler of the bureau in entering forest begin to send force, he Bingjiao is pulled open score, lose to be procrastinated to take bureau of decide the issue of the battle by adversary with 14-21.

Marlin of bureau of decide the issue of the battle is advanced half bureau strike with the palm of the hand charges the competition, he Bingjiao error is a bit much, marlin 11-5 is banner commutative field. Below the adversity that the He Bingjiao after change sides lags behind in 5-12, must chase after 7 minutes repeatedly to 12 smooth. Do not cross Marlin or live firmly very quickly condition, connect so that 5 minutes of 17-12 pull open minute of difference once more, he Bingjiao chases after cent to suffer a defeat with 15-21 feebly, suffer changeover does not have a predestined relationship 4 strong. Victorious Marlin will is opposite in semifinals sand also adds a Japanese player Gao Qiao, latter 14-21, 21-14 and famous general of 22-20 changeover Thailand pull Techanuo.

Original title: Medium a contest Chen Yufei 2-0 suffers into 4 Jiang Hebing charming Marlin changeover gives bureau responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling