Sun Yang will attend Tokyo Olympic Games of short duration does not retire the target is to gain the championship of course

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 31 report 31 days morning at 8 o'clock half, temperature shows 13 Celsius 0 times, in natatorium of national sports total bureau, natant good athlete people the training that uses in full swing is received 2020. To them, december 31, 2019 is Tuesday only, be those who initiate dream of good, implementation is common a day. Their collective New Year wish is: Tokyo Olympic Games stands highest the stage that receive award!

Bright and beautiful contest is adumbrative the coming year takes individual life of before saying the Olympic Games one year situation, but endless like that. Chinese

natant team in the 42 Xiang Yongchi matches that in optical 2019 administrative division world bright and beautiful surpasses, sun Yang, Xu Jia beyond, Xie Shiwen, Yan Zibei and king Jian Jiahe take 7 medal, rank medal a list of names posted up the 6th. Whole group success looks be like not allow hopeful, but if find problem, reasonable solution definitely, still be full of a hope.

Regard Chinese natant team as captain, sun Yang is alive rice and gold of 200 400 meters of crawl are won on bright and beautiful contest, from 2007 up to now all previous is surpassed via 7 world bright and beautiful in all behead wins 11 gold, make a life gold of project of Feierpusi, individual is next to on history of bright and beautiful contest the player of the more than 2nd.

Sun Yang of 28 years old says: Should greet 2 words nob immediately 2020, I very expect, very yearning also, because next year is very special Tokyo Olympic Games, one in an instant from in walked along Tokyo about. After be being made an appointment with in, a lot of people think I can retire, I held to wind storm rain 4 years, go to today, the cause that I give myself is a trend of course highest the stage that receive award.

In age of optical administrative division bright and beautiful contest continues to hold a title the Xu Jia beyond of champion of 100 meters of backstroke is opposite the man oneself express affirma

tion. 2019 is a right result, world bright and beautiful surpasses the champion that defend crown, achievement does not have very big breakthrough, but swam 52 seconds the record of new sports meet of 17, show in international contest gave due actual strength. Two Olympic Games before be being compared, I am more mature, more also experience faces Tokyo Olympic Games. This, I am the most hopeful, also have most actual strength contends for champion, I have a situation to be in the heart that must.

16 years old of Xie Shiwen that took vole champion attend world bright and beautiful the 5th times to surpass, in renascence of of Nie of optical administrative division: Rice and 400 meters of 200 medley relay are runner-up, still be in new ground ranks in 200 meters of breaststroke 4, this lets small leaf reveal self-confident smile: Compared my 2019 perfect, affection exceeded all things to anticipate! I make the word of cent to oneself, should compare full marks much, 100+ ! Age of optical administrative division bright and beautiful contest harvest even if can enjoy the game I am the most greatly truly, my New Year desire is to hope the Olympic Games obtains good result of course, still enjoy the game.

Yan Zibei of king of new advance frog is in optical administrative division 4 break 1 Ping Yazhou record, maintained the hope of Chinese man breaststroke with a bronze medal of 100 meters of breaststroke: Bright and beautiful contest manifested my age 2019 special ideal, prepare Tokyo Olympic Games with all one's strength namely next, I can cooperate well with the coach, do not think a result, beg only everyday happy, go all out in work together with teammate.

Under photograph comparing, bark arranges age of optical to his administrative division bright and beautiful contest is not quite satisfactory, he played game of 5 world bright and beautiful up to now from 2011, every have medal to enter Zhang, it is 200 meters of medley relay this however the 6th, 400 meters of medley relay do not have predestined relationship final.

I was not special satisfaction 2019, if full marks is 10 minutes, I hit 7 minutes to oneself. Contest of world bright and beautiful fails to take medal, the achievement of winning player is actually unhappy also, this I feel to compare a regret. Can go up in the army carry October very much, I swam to compare satisfactory result. I obtained Olympic Games of previous term or session Ji Jun, this I hope to stand in Tokyo Olympic Games highest the stage that receive award, no matter be 400 mix, or 200 mix, I want to be pounded. Wang Shun says.

And the one numerous ace such as Jian Jiahe of Liu Xiang, Zhang Yufei, king, Yang Jun , Qin Haiyang chooses to do soundless actual strength to send, it is better to go receiving with real operation oneself. (glad of Zhou Xin yellow Xin)

Original title: Sun Yang: ? Ke of one of Shou Xie dimming Bu is worth target of Tokyo of the? that irrigate Ken is winning responsibility editor of course: Li Xiaoling