Male basket of Zhejiang wide mansion releases team to train video: The field in Li Chunjiang show 3 minutes

Beijing time on October 29, int

ermediary of agency of government of male basket of Zhejiang wide mansion released the video that team trains, the Li Chunjiang in video is directive personally explore class, the field in ticking off a hand easily to hit the target to be written down 3 minutes, and the response of bully gas: Should reentry is!

Team member of wide mansion of the Zhejiang in video people and in relief sports center undertakes training, team member people the training that having a ball 3 minutes, bishop of male basket of Zhejiang wide mansion drills Li Chunjiang appears suddenly before camera lens, he is in medium a single hand holding the field in ticking off a hand to hit the target to be written down 3 minutes, this writes down a day to tick off the episcopal practice that although serve as team all the year round,also revealed Li Chunjiang is in teach the match, but still maintaining superexcellent feel.

Hit the target this writes down over-distance 3 minutes, plum the directive and calm response road that faces energy of life of camera lens bully: Should reentry is!

On male basket of wide mansion of sports season Zhejiang is surpassed after season first-run eliminated Zhejiang stiff administrative division, but subsequently total score 1 than 3 not enemy Xinjiang is ranked the 6th, wide mansion of new sports season put forward to protect 4 dispute the goal of 2, the

foreign aids Jackson that wide mansion of Zhejiang of new sports season deploys and Reynolds this, in warm up contest also is shown somewhat. Hu Jinqiu holds the position of the header of wide mansion new sports season, zhejiang wide mansion will initiate concussion to their target again.

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