Chinese women's volleyball 8 Lian Sheng is gotten run women's volleyball of Korea of integral a list of names posted up beats Saierweiya

In Japan Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China and rich hill hold women's volleyball world cup was surpassed 2019 24 days ended the contention of the 2nd phase, chinese team 3:0The team obtains beat easily Kenya 8 Lian Sheng, continue to be gotten with indefectible military successes run integral a list of names posted up; The United States and Russia team fall continuously likewise 3 bureaus beat rival, with 7 after getting the better of China of 1 negative military successes prep close behind.

Face the Kenya group that accomplishment has not get the better of before this, lang Ping expedited the battle array that young team member gives priority to, withheld Zhang Changning and Gong Xiang only eaves two brunt. Depend on the very preponderance on actual strength, chinese women's volleyball with 25:12, 25:12, 25:1Adversary of 4 sweep anything away, liansheng the record adapts it is 8, strode again to world cup champion one pace.

Gong Xiang eaves gets the whole audience 13 minutes highest. Be worth what carry is, chinese group whole group is only 6 error, kenya team serves in Chinese team and the pressure of block falls again and again error, give China the group 26 minutes.

Jin Jizhen gets 21 minutes alone, lead Korea group with 25:21, 25:18, 15:25, 25:23 beat the world champion that lacks several main force Saierweiya team, military successes promotion comes 4 get the better of 4 negative. Captain gold weak condition also has 19 to be divided into Zhang, be her in the outstanding play of the 4th bureau help team touchs those who hold off Saierweiya to counterattack, suo Dingsheng bureau.

Bishop of team of the Korea after contest drills Lawalini also praised this almost annual does not have resting iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength: I know she is very tired out, but nevertheless, she still is exhausted can help team, be in especially match end paragraph the moment of truth, she helped us win a victory.

Team of United St

ates of champion of league matches of world women's volleyball is swept yesterday by Chinese team 0 haze, 3:0Team of strong victory Dominica, the 3rd bureau is minutes of the biggest poor 25:9 that hit current match more. Druse, Aogebogu has 23 each cent, enter Zhang 11 minutes, hakelide arrives 10 minutes.

Russia team 3:0Conquer Holand team won European civil war, 3 bureaus score is 26:2 respectively4, 25:18, 25:20. Child of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of examine of heavy artillery ridge 36 buckle 15 in take next the whole audience 16 minutes highest, wolunkewa gets 13 minutes.

Brazilian team depends on the huge advantage 3:0 before the netTeam of Japan of Amphitryon of sweep anything away, add the attack that leads Brazil the group than parting to be mixed with 16 minutes 15 minutes with Luolunni, fabiyana takes the veteran that returns to a hair below 12 minutes.

A match is medium that day, argentine team performs changeover good play below the circumstance with two backward bureaus, with 21:25, 20:25, 25:20, 25:20, 15:1Cameroon of champion of 2 conquer Africa team, acquired team the 2nd get the better of.

After the match of Huang of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China and rich hill ends, before medium, beautiful, Russia ranks integral a list of names posted up 3, team Cameroon and Kenya beg two Africa ha

rd to be gotten the better of, discharge the fine in 12 teams.

Cease after surpassing two days, women's volleyball world cup is surpassed will be in at 27 days Osaka proceed. (reporter Wang Meng, Wang Jingyu)

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