Class army carry meets advance of Brazil of 2-1 of Chinese women football finals game time on October 26

In the semifinal of women football of world soldier games that ends afternoon now, chinese team falls in 10 dozens of circumstances of 11, by right of young general Xu Zhan is in what when adding, surpass to reduce a goal absol

utely, 2 more current than promotion of team of 1 conquer Brazil army carry is met women football final.

Current army carry is met women football match shares 8 team to attend, chinese team and Korea, Germany, United States is in together A group, b group is comprised by Brazil, Korea, France, Cameroon. After group be better than, chinese team gets the better of the semifinal of military successes promotion that did not lose one ball completely with 3 battle.

Perhaps be the adversary tower above before the actual strength that expects Brazilian team is compared one big chunk, chinese team advocate this battle expedites handsome Zhao Zhengchun total main force, zhang Rui, Ren Guixin be opposite the veteran all go into battle of a have holidays by turns when the United States. But such the strongest battle array is kicked not easily.

Begin before long, chinese team first You Yangli burst open the door, of Brazilian team pull plunge into broke even when first half swift end score. 1 maintain full-court injury to stop the end when filling all the time than the score of 1. First half is surpassed when adding, wei of Yao of the field in Chinese team two yellow change one red be punished to fall. Below 10 dozens of passive situations of 11, young general Xu exhibits come out boldly, in the match the 108th minute explodes shoot excommunicate, help China team 2 than 1 get victory.

3 are surpassed in the group successive with big score after light reach a standard, this hard semifinal also was carried to Chinese team wake. Although promote with 4 Zhan Quansheng's military successes finals, but next adversary tangles harder probably. In the semifinal that undertakes a bit late, korea and Korea will contend for ticket of a piece of final. From the point of actual strengt

h contrast, the hope that Korea promotes is bigger. Finals general on October 26 11 when undertake. (reporter Xu Xiaofan)

Original title: 10 dozens 11 mate is killed absolutely when adding, chinese team promotes army carry meets editor of responsibility of women football final: Li Xiaoling