Abstruse meeting recommended Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry damage 2022 can hold in Sarajevo

Report was in Sarajevo of Xinhua News Agency 28 days on October 28 the Beijing that Sarajevo holds abstruse meeting recommended damage of Olympic Winter Games, winter 2022 meeting, attracted personage of hundreds Sarajevo all circles to attend.

That day recommend can hold in square of Sarajevo city center. Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee introduced Beijing about guest of personage all along project of the mascot of the Olympic Winter Games, match, place planned to wait for relevant circumstance 2022.

Ji Ping of black ambassador of Chinese standing wave says when the speech, 35 yea

rs ago, sarajevo held an unforgettable Olympic Winter Games, make this world famous city much one Zhang Jing beautiful calling card. After 3 years, china will be in Beijing this red-blooded chiliad ancient capital holds Olympic Winter Games and wintry damage abstruse meeting, beijing also will become the first city that holds aestivate Olympic Games to hold Olympic Winter Games again already.

Saliji of Sarajevo city deputy mayor says when the speech, beijing once had held a great summertime Olympic Games, and Sarajevo has held an Olympic Winter Games successfully, two cities can learn each other, coact.

That day recommend Beijing culture product still was held to show an activity on the meeting. Wait for the AR spot that gives priority to a problem to experience an activity with graph of the river on character of Beijing opera cartoon, Pure Brightness, and the article of Summer Palace theme achieves a product to wait, attracted numerous Sarajevo citizen to stop. (reporter Zhang Xiuzhi)


ginal title: Beijing abstruse meeting recommended damage of Olympic Winter Games, winter 2022 responsibility editor can hold in Sarajevo: Li Xiaoling