Zhan Huangqing wishs a mother birthday speaks 51 years old outfit of her dress beggar has 30 years old only this year

Local time this Zhou San, le Bulang

is basked in on IG went out to mix maternal Geluoliya - Zhanmusi's group photo, congratulatory mother birthday of 51 years old, he speaks Geluoliya is very young, look to have 30 years old only now.

Mom, welcome to 30 dirty years old! ! 30 years old of birthday are happy. You are the beautiful queen in all queen! The can become you namely entirely son that I can say is too fortunate. I am appreciated to be full of each days. A day this when enjoy you! The life. Mirth. Love. Le Bulang is written.

In the meantime, he still is basked in gave cuddle to wear group photo photograph of Geluoliya, two people the face brings smile, laugh very happily.

Le Bulang did not forget speak his mother. His mother is wearing beggar outfit, appearance is Le Bulang dirty. Still have, his mother this year 51 years old, but 30 years old of birthday t

hat Lebulang is celebrating her however.

The feeling of Le Bulang and mother is first-rate. He kisses a family in sheet with respect to the life as a child, there are 16 years old only when Geluoliyasheng straps Braun, all previous classics wind storm rain, just had Lebulang today. Le Bulang is first-rate all the time to the mother, and have such son, also be Geluoliya all one's life proud.

Original title: Zhan Huang Ins celebrates a mother 51 years old birthday speaks she has 30 years old of responsibility to edit only this year: Li Xiaoling