The decision after the knight is exploded to introduce carat Ke Sen cuts forward Jeff into parts Glyn

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night trade, after introducing carat Ke Sen, the knight decides to be cut into parts 33 years old again forward Jeff - Glyn.

The knight is in cease contest period just uses a year of base salary of 2.56 million to sign Glyn, he gives this sports season battle 29 matches, the data that all gets 2.8 bank 7.8 minutes.

The knight should clear Glyn, because they hope to vacate team battle array,be vacant, use what Arkansas gravelstone city comes from below the autograph to lose an election new personality is pulled big - tower gram. According to the report, they and tower gram had reached an old agreement, this sports season obtains safeguard, odd safeguard of year of portion criterion dispute.

The tower is overcome and had

not hit NBA, developing allied effectiveness all the time however. His 22 years old height 1 meter 91, today Xia Ceng gives battle summer league matches via representing hart, 5 matches field all gets 3.6 bank 10.2 minutes.

After be cut into parts by hart, he went the development of hart subordinate is allied team power Si Kangxing is pastoral the team plays a ball game, 16 matches field all gets 4.6 bank 23.8 minutes, hit the target 3 minutes rate is adjacent 40% , got the attention of team of a lot of NBA.

Pastoral team advocate handsome Chase - the performance that Bufude overcomes to the tower gave very high opinion, deer of message rule the region also tries tarry he, but the pursuit that he got team of a lot of NBA recently, chose a knight finally.

The knight is apparent and intentional deepness of augment battle array, concussion is in the rank western. They just introduced the carat Ke Sen that can cast be apt to to shoot, dig those who will develop alliance to notch again nowadays able person, in sports season intermediate range, their performance is worth to expect undoubtedly.

Original title: There still is sequel after trading with the knight! Knight exposing to the sun decides to cut Jeff into parts - responsibility edits Glyn: Li Xiaoling