The country pings prepare for war Tokyo Olympic Games Beijing outskirt is complete member military training does not have a ho

liday even the Spring Festival

Team of electric China ping-pong hurried off to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 13 days early in the morning on January 13 Beijing suburb some military sports trains a center, begin the military training of a week of by a definite date with the giant team of 144 people. Liu Guoliang of chairman of Chinese ping-pong association tells a reporter, this not only the team member of national covey, 2 teams people, the country such as medical service of coach, group and even association staff member pings relevant personnel participates in military training entirely in the center.

Previously military training military training athlete, but the one part that I feel trainer and association staff are the country pings, everybody just divides the work differ

ent. Liu Guoliang says, this is good convention of continuance country ping, strengthen cohesive affinity, fighting capacity and unitive spirit through military training, also hope to be able to make everybody static issue a heart to think through military training, with the highest, most severe standard, combinative Olympic Games prepares for war need.

According to the country the Tokyo Olympic Games of ping team prepares for war arrangement, this Spring Festival maintains training, whole group to not have cease, among them the New Year's Eve (24 days) round-the-clock training, in a day or two trains first, first 2 should troop in the morning set out, head for Europe to attend Germany to make public contest. I think, in the Olympic Games year when, everybody had forgotten the feeling that spend the New Year. Liu Guoliang is laughing to say, still have half an year, the Spring Festival has filled again after hitting Tokyo Olympic Games.

The crises that why prepares for war in the Olympic Games arranges military training? Liu Guoliang has enough consideration: Be the match task because of Tokyo Olympic Games very heavy, challenge is very big, just put military training in final sprint phase designedly, through learning to army, combine military drive to prepare for war in the center, take competition ground again over, because be among the contest, on the thought, the preparation on spirit is more important than ability tactics.

The birthday of the Liu Guoliang 3 days ago also spends in the team, mention the intense rate that the Olympic Games prepares for war, the country that identity of this Cengyi's coach accompanies national group to had walked along cycle of 4 Olympic Gameses pings big husband says: Actually the Olympic Games prepares for war is 9 months before opening contest not just, however full preparation of 4 years, the propulsion of successive. If use a rhythm 4 years to prepare for war, very inaccessible effect, this also is why we did not have military training last year, adopt a few other measures however, na Liang and Yan'an go after pinging e.g. the world contest seizes 5 coronals, the purpose is in what differ level strengthens different respect. And now this phase, I think thought politics job and cohesive affinity are mainer than any.

The Japan before a week pings assist announce Olympic Games battle array, but look in Liu Guoliang this list is in early expected, the P that has not announce even blocks person selected, he and drill team have early also guess. The Olympic Games prepares for war, we make a plan not just, still have two, even 3. He says to get have a well-thought-out plan.

As to New Year desire, liu Guoliang laugh says everybody knows. After half an year, hope everybody can see a more powerful, China table tennis ball that has fighting capacity more in Tokyo team. He says. (reporter Zhang Han)

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