Team of feather of Japan of influence of Japanese epidemic situation trains overseas and the match many days 50

Before group of nation of electric Japan badminton set out 8 days from here on March 8, Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency goes to England Birmingham, the ball of Quan Yingyu wool that plays next week to begin makes public contest. To avoid epidemic situation, they attend Japan won't be returned completely immediately after flower contest, will all the time overseas training and match many days 50.

For Tokyo Olympic Games take part in the match qualification, japanese team decides to play integral game more as far as possible, the journey that to prevent new coronal at the same time pneumonic epidemic situation brings is disadvantageous, they established the detailed program of overseas training and match, time exceeded 50 days. After complete Ying Saizhi they will head for kuala lumpur directly, have over Malaysia surpasses battle publicly.

Female simple great soldier abstruse original hope tells Japanese send out associa

tion in the airport (NHK) reporter: In other country training compares difficulty for certain, namalaixiya is surpassed publicly for, training environment of Japan and over there differ completely, but we must want to learn a for love or money to handle an issue. I must be used above all complete flower the opportunity of open competition, had adjusted oneself position.


o Zhu of total coach of Japan home team acts according to say: Epidemic situation is changing everyday, we must have made all preparation, although be absent,home also wants absorption do good training to work.

Vegetable garden of male double player is opened realize thinking to be far from home town is take exercise very well. He says: I lack such long-term and abroad training before, of course food may be most scabrous a problem, hope our nutrient division can provide a few helps to us. Virus became a cosmopolitan issue now, below this kind of circumstance, I or hope can obtain good result.

His partner fine village be good at person say: I never had experienced such long-term and abroad assemble for training before the Olympic Games, so I feel some angst are disturbed. I still do not give myself too great pressure as far as possible. As a result of the influence of epidemic situation, a lot of schools were shut, I hope to make great effort, the child that cannot play a ball game for those obtains good result. (reporter prince river)

Original title: Begin abroad brigade responsibility 50 days to edit to avoid team of feather of epidemic situation Japan: Li Xiaoling