Recruit of contest of preelection of cup of male basket Asia starts basket assist invite CBA club to recommend a player

25 days, chinese basketball association issues announcement formally, invite each CBA club to recommend an athlete to prepare for war contest of preelection of cup of male basket Asia. Announcement is textual as follows:

Each CBA club:

Preelection of cup of Asia of basketball of international basket couplet surpassed the first level 2021 window period match will on Feburary 21, 2020 - held in Japan and China on Feburary 24, at the appointed time Chinese male basket will is opposite male basket of a Japanese male

basket and Malaysia.

The athlete that take part in the match feels the mission feeling of bear state male goal and honor, the one by one that passes international contest is experienced, increase actual combat capacity. Ask each club to be on the foundation of qualified personnel of league matches of CBA of give attention to two or morethings, training and task of national group game, prepare for war according to having battle time is mixed personnel circumstance, recommend this team actively fine athlete, attend on January 29, 2020 - the assem

ble for training that the Asian cup preelection that held on Feburary 24 surpasses the first level prepares for war, the match. Express at will be being recommended before January 3, 2020 please (accessory 1) hair to Chinese Lan Xieqing little ministry mailbox.

Mailbox address: [email protected]

Write hereby.

Chinese basketball association

On December 25, 2019

(Yang Qiaodong)

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