Liu Zhixuan pushs a judgment to if be afraid in NBA,be driven out even by surcharge

Be in yesterday evening in the 25th round focus battle, wide mansion male basket advocate field 122-103 gets the better of the Liaoning line that lacks army major general greatly, the Liu Zhixuan of Liaoning team is driven out to come on the stage caused many controversy, large of Zhu Yan of famous basketball news analyst states Liu Zhixuan pushs a judgment to should be driven out, if be in NB

A, be afraid even surcharge.

Undeniable, blow sentencing is more advantageous to wide mansion. In speak of the judgment last night blowing when punishing, be aimed at Liu Zhixuan to be driven out, bright red Yan Shuo says again, nevertheless Liu Zhixuan shoves an umpire that, it is drive expulsive field. If change in NBA, be afraid even surcharge.

Guo Ailun and Stephen dark all be short of because of injury blast, liaoning meet one's Waterloo, but in Zhu Yan large looks, other player did not do Liaoning just is the key that loses a ball very, for whole, besides Gao Shiyan, Ba Si and Han fat outside, someone else ver

y outside the state, be defeated also not bad luck. Bright red Yan Shuo says.

In the meantime, bright red Yan Shuo still signs Wei Baisi to hit double small appearance to show especially with respect to wide mansion team special do not understand, bright red Yan Shuo says: Actually old issue did not solve wide mansion, since Sun Ming badge hit me to watch his game, a best expression, can compares foreign aids. But I still sign Wei Baisi with respect to unidentified Bai Ansha is what meaning especially, can be half foreign aids only at most. Wei Baisi's special ball is not bad, do not know to work however, person of the one pile in the team follows his position jackknife, his play also is of course by confine.

Original title: Bright red Yan Shuo: The judgment blows punish advantageous wide mansion but Liu Zhixuan pushs a judgment to chase responsibility to edit with respect to this: Li Xiaoling