Jin Jingzhu joins SKT to drill besides Protestantism SKT signs new lineup of group of about 4 new players newly still

How is Jin Jingzhu joins SKT to return a responsibility? SKT government announced the battle array of S10 sports season on November 26, jin Jingzhu of Kim of the coach before IG joins SKT, still Roach and 4 new personality join a rank, does everybody want to know detailed condition? Below small make up brought Jin Jingzhu to join SKT and lineup of S10 of SKT battle group for everybody pertinent information, look together.

Jin Jingzhu joins SKT


e autograph made an appointment with SKT T1 Guan Xuan and the Kim Jin Jingzhu's coach that are played 4 times into global total final continuously on November 26!

Textual as follows:

We and the famous general that enter global total final 4 times continuously, autograph of Kim Jin Jingzhu's coach is made an appointment with!

Everybody welcomes the new drill Kim of T1 please, expect the 2020LCK spring of T1 is surpassed.

Was on November 26 likewise, in Guanxuan Jin Jingzhu joins SKT hind. SKT T1 government announces again, roach of start off player and 4 new personality join a rank.

Textual as foll


We and Roach, training gives birth to odd Canna, hit wild Ellim, gumayushi leaving a way and auxiliary Kuri autograph are made an appointment with!

Everybody welcomes the new players of T1 please, expect the 2020LCK spring of T1 is surpassed.

Roach player comes on the stage 25 times on behalf of GEN in 2019LCK spring contest, military successes is 10 get the better of 15 negative, KDA3.6. And sit thoroughly in summertime game a cold reception, come on the stage 4 times only.

ADC player Gumayusi is interstellar contend for hegemony the close little brother of 2 players INnoVation, the passerby king that Han takes Rank also is all the time before, the platoon when this sports season settle accounts takes the 8th in Han.

At present the team staff configuration of SKT is:

Coach: Kim Jin Jingzhu

Go up odd: Roach, canna;

Hit wild: Cuzz, ellim;

In odd: Faker;

ADC: TEDDY, gumayushi;

Auxiliary: Effort, kuri.

Is dawn of battle array of T1 official announce the dawn in your imagination?

Although SKT to the player fill to fare badly by force, but the coach Jin Jingzhu of IG of champion of the world before SKT government also announces joins IG formally also, the team result that area of place of Jin Jingzhu's coach gives is first-rate, joined in last year new army after DWG, jin Jingzhu also guides DWG to rush into the world to surpass, his coach actual strength is more beyond question.

[T1 boss hair pushs: Feel excited to the arrival of new drill and new player]

Former SKT) of T1(of LCK battle group pushs what announced new drill Jin Jingzhu and 5 new team member especially to join in in its government, subsequently this pushs transmit of T1 boss Joe Marsh special, convey oneself excited mood, textual (carelessness) as follows:

- coach of very glad gold can be in next the team that we lead in a few years. Style of his foresight, passion, management will make our team is full of competition ability in the whole world. I believe I found that special cacique to lead T1! Expect 2020 sports season!

- feel excited for new team! Our new drill chose these players personally. Although we are young but the preparation that already made good competition!

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