Cba stars completely on the weekend news: Add sheet of a person of extraordinary powers of book of 1V1 link forest newly to carry Zhao Rui

Beijing time is late on January 12, CBA complete star was being surpassed on the weekend 2020 contest op

ens formally in Guangzhou. Surpassing the first end, brand-new link 1VS1 comes on stage formally, lin Shuhao sheet carries Zhao Rui.

Before two people sheet is carried, two people got skill package respectively with the means of rotary table, the skill bag that Lin Shuhao turns is adversary attacks dribble not to exceed 3 times, and Zhao Rui turns to skill to wrap is him obtain mysterious honored guest (actor) penalty shot, dan Jiabin's penalty shot is done not have in, two people 0: 0 are hit, time dichotomy bell.

Match begin, book a person of extraordinary powers three do not touch, zhao Rui also is 3 minutes of forge iron, be warm up, lin Shuhao and Zhao Rui are connected severally later in two write down 3 minutes, both sides hits into 6: 6. Later, two people buckle basket each again, according to regulation, buckle basket to calculate 3 minutes, two people get 9 minutes each.

The game is final, book a person of extraordinary powers and Zhao Rui are respective 3 minutes of forge iron, till time goes,be over. Whole singles process, two people are hit very Buddha is, antagonism is not tall. And of tw

o people notch 9 minutes, break up respectively times later among the two lines that are added into complete star to be being surpassed.

Original title: Zhao Rui of Lin Shuhao 1V1 hits peaceful ball to hit the target severally two write down 3 minutes + cruel buckle responsibility to edit: Li Xiaoling