Air man of exposure of report of check of division comparing cadaver does not have wine to drive be murdered 9 people cause of death all is an accident

Occupy local media 16 days to report, division of giant star of group of person of lake of Qian Luosha Ji compares the cadaver check report of aviation accident to gave heat recently, the report says to helicopter driver Zu Bayang was not gone out to drink by check at that time or take drug, the cause of death that 9 people are murdered on machine all is registered to be an accident.

This year on January 26, zubayang of 50 years old drives the Jianna of 13 years old of daughters that helicopter carries division comparing, division comparing and the others are gone to before 6 people attend a teenage basketball to surpass, crashing tragedy happens in result road, on machine 9 people die entirely.

15 days of issuance cadaver check reports say, the examination that is aimed at Zubayang did not detect give him to drink or take medicaments, the report points out the victim all dies at passivity at the same time traumatic, all victim c

ause of death is registered to be an accident.

The report says division comparing is in more up and down all over get hurt, these serious injuries bring about division comparing to die quickly after bumping into percussion to be born.

The widow of division comparing covers with tiles Ni Sha sued wreck helicopter company after the accident, indictment thinks helicopter operation firm is scanty at superintend and training, and conceal a driver ever was crossed disciplinary treatment 2015. In addition, wreck helicopter did not carry safe committee to ask to install landform clew and admonitory system according to American country, cannot deliver in time height reminds and drop rate warning. In the meantime, indictment points out this company driver fails to evaluate weather correctly, take off below the

big mist weather that does not have flight requirement, cause aircraft accident.

Division comparing came to was in 2016 1996 effectiveness of lake person group, championship of total champion of beautiful duty basket, two Olympic Games is won 5 times in professional career. ( of reporter Wang Ji)

Original title: Report of check of cadaver of division comparing aviation accident gives furnace to the driver did not drink or take medical responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling