The IG Lian Xiande of Martha makes an appointment with Keweiji and direct s

eeding of Sara wave child to interact intimately

Today before dawn, deyaokeweiji and Sara wave child connect a line to interact intimately in the direct seeding on gregarious media. Combination of god of male goddess of two network circles giant stars is in the in interacting memory that is as long as nearly 1 half hours goes, chang Liaosheng lives to be waited a moment daily. This one interacts the hot make peace that drew netizens is nostalgic.

Direct seeding is interactive child of the Sha in the process exposes to the sun the experience that gave to meet with Deyaodi. Sha child: Remember playing a game at that time, you bet with me if you won the contest,say, I am about to have a meal please. You seem to had not taken vole in those d

ays specific I forget. I think with respect to the heart at that time: Who is this child. Next the match ends you to win really! Next you say we have a meal twice tonight. I was astonished at that time, serious, with respect to us two? Next we went together in the evening that day dining room of pattern of a day, next most do those who laugh is you did not know to take out watch for a chance of a vintage film from where, let a clerk take a picture to us. I feel at that time be like oneself to be auctioned to go out dinner, hahaha.

Sha child says, the laugh of foolish of small favor foolish wears reply: Be such you say rightly to breath out, but that camera and the photograph inside were lost by me. Netizen A: Small Yi took out rub garment board with a ha is breathed out, seek to live on desire full marks is true, are camera and photograph lost really do not know netizen B: ? Only promote  of beautiful of of lineal descent of impossible of  of Se of gate of instrument of  of law of setting approach  ?

Original title: Deyaoshawa connects string memory to kill intimately! Netizen: Of small favor seek to live on desire full marks responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling