Portion of 2020 wh what month holds European cup finals general in 11 countries 12 cities are held

On March 4 morning, according to be close to Europe the personage of sufficient couplet introduces, although be affected new coronal by pneumonic epidemic situation, but the propulsion of European cup works to was not laid aside. Billboard of edge of European cup field has

begun a test, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in appearing is the commonweal advertisement that China cheers.

This personage discloses, wen Buli field has been started for all sorts of preparation of European cup, erupted simultaneously the photograph that billboard of edge of two pieces of field is checking.

Can see from the photograph, field edge billboard has begun to debug, a Jing Chu shines above not Wei, phlogistic fizzle out not to retreat China to cheer, the model of written characters that Wuhan cheers, and the Logo that intermediate Hisense is letter of Chinese brand sea.

It is reported, european soccer tournament will be held on July 12 at coming on June 12 2020, match final phase will be held in 12 cities of 11 countries first, the field of lukewarm cloth benefit of London will hold 7 among them contests. And assistance passes French Europe cup was mixed 2016 the sea of Russia world cup was believed 2018, also will become once more 2020 European cup sponsor.

Original title: Advertisement of cup of Europe of field of lukewarm cloth benefit leaves measure, cheer responsibility editor for China: Li Xiaoling