Mind of sense of success of the 2020 Mount Everest that ascend a top ascends a Mount Everest to think comprehend share

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on May 27 report 27 days morning 11 when, tall Cheng of 2020 Mount Everest measures mountain-climbing team to enter a world successfully Mount Everest of the first height. Li Zhixin of chairman of Chinese mountain-climbing association is in accepted special report of reporter of Xinhua News Agency for a short while, he is mountain-climbing team member people not the Wei hardships, mountain-climbing drive that never abandons acclaims, more the close together union that mountaineers tall Cheng of motion and our country measures division take an examination ofing to work and proud.

2020 Mount Everest ascend a meaning to differ greatly

Ceng Yu ascended the Li Zhixin of a Mount Everest to point out 1988, ascended a top 2020 Mount Everest and differ somewhat before, have ternary and special sense.

This is mountain-climbing activity not just, the most important is with the country job of division take an examination ofing is uni

ted in wedlock cheek by jowl. Although China mountaineers the team was mixed 1975,also had done mountain-climbing to measure the job 2005, but the biggest ground measures we and rich ministry this year team couplet use too much force measures Mount Everest height, achieved technical innovation and the progress that break through modern science and technology, the application of research and development of advanced instrument and big data offerred a condition to we measure Mount Everest well and truly, make us OK be revealed more well and truly, more scientificly to common people measure an outcome, also let us have the acknowledge of more deep clarity to Mount Everest.

Can be in after Chinese mountain-climbing team the scientific worker clasp of the process relay add of climb height and other sphere, make new exploration to the respect such as new science and technology, new product, new material, make mountain-climbing person's due contribution.

On May 25, 1960, team member of 3 Chinese mountain-climbing team ascend cloth of Wang Fuzhou, tribute, Qu Yinhua Mount Everest of top world highest peak, footmark first time of the Chinese leaves the peak of alive bound, also realized human first time to ascend the long-cherished wish of a Mount Everest successfully from boreal slope at the same time, created the world the feat on mountain-climbing history. After this, team member of gallant Chinese mountain-climbing team people finish national job, successive develop mountain-climbing drive.

As it happens is the Chinese ascends first time of a Mount Everest, mankind to ascend a Mount Everest successfully 60 years from boreal slope first this year during, make meaning of the Mount Everest that ascend a top this extraordinary.

Because new coronal is pneumonic the overtake of epidemic situation, the whole world ased if to be pressed time-out bolts, however the footstep of scaler did not stop accordingly however. In so special difficult period, we undertake Mount Everest tall Cheng measures the job as scheduled, have special historical sense more. Li Zhixin says.

According to legend of fire of mountain-climbing spirit firewood

Regard an old mountain-climbing as the person, the team member that I want congratulation to ascend a top today people, for them proud and proud, their battle fierce wind, step ice and snow, get the better of severe cold, overcame so much difficulty, ultimate success ascends a top. I hope heartily team member people finish satisfactorily measure the task, safety is returned.

Young mountain-climbing team member explained our country older generation to mountaineer the person uses life and sweat again, casting go all out in work take the bull by the horns, tenaciously, the mountain-climbing spirit of height of unitive cooperation, Yong Pan. Li Zhixin is gratified the ground says.

Li Zhixin expresses, it is difficult to ascend a Mount Everest this year heavily, passed strong tip 3 times, just gain a success at 27 days. Because Xue Dahe wind is big,be before two, everybody's physical strength and mood got be affected certainly. This they encountered the obstruct of fresh gale and test likewise.

25 days, team member people from altitude fresh gale is when 7028 meters C1 camping ground sets out, advance to altitude the wind-force when mouth of 7500 meters of gale is increased, bring about team member people cannot normal ascend, can bend over to go up in the course only inch. Reach height above sea level after 7790 meters C2 camping ground, team member people a hour was spent to also fail to put up tent in fresh gale come, can hold a stone in the arms to bending over to avoid fresh gale only. Good tent was not put up in the intermittence that allows Yi Zaifeng, even afraid in the evening tent is blown by fresh gale or tear off, can 3 people squeeze a tent, the hand is catching tent lever to sitting to rest, come out a few times in the evening even consolidate tent, but peak measures an instrument from beginning to end by team member people intention protection.

Below the situation that produces at any time in the avalanche, the team member that build a road and measure mountain-climbing team member people still continue march, it is to catch the 27 windows attacking a top of day period, that day in the evening, within an inch of of some team member should abandon, but they insisted to come down to ascend a top is the one part that Mount Everest tall Cheng measures only, the first pace is to ascend a top, the 2nd pace is peak is measured, only such ability are finish the job satisfactorily.

8 Mount Everest that attack a top finally measure mountain-climbing team team member fall, Yuan Fudong, Li Fuqing, Pubuduzhu, Cirenduoji, Cirenpingcuo, , carry erect surveyor's beacon on the head in the peak, install GNSS (system of global navigation satellite) aerial. 13 when 30 minutes, top of their peak that finish measures the job to begin next removing. 150 minutes, they created a Chinese to carry the long newest record when staying on the head in Mount Everest peak.

Chinese mountain-climbing moves since since initiating, share Yu Xueshan of 24 Trojan death,

still frostbite of athlete of a few mountain-climbing causes damage. Mountain-climbing elder people when the far from of hardships and dangers of single-page calendar classics we can imagine now, our young generation uses forward people of a certain kind with actual travel today people greeting, this is encouragement to us, we are certain mountain-climbing spirit can be in according to legend of fire of new period firewood. Li Zhixin says.

Ascend the reflection after carrying Mount Everest on the head successfully

Li Zhixin thinks, ascending a Mount Everest successfully to mountaineer to China is very good for the job promote, chinese mountain-climbing moves already from original relative to single high mountain expeditionary division is taken an examination of, develop the many fields such as culture of industry of fitness of present the whole people, sports, sports.

The formal match item that has made Tokyo Olympic Games from the motion climbing rock that mountaineers depart comes out. We are in not only the high mountain is expeditionary on continue to be a country win honour for, jin Duoyin also should be contended for on Olympic Games competition ground. Pan Yan let us have more capacious stage, also facing new mission and task.

In addition, mountain-climbing of outdoors motion, ski, cross-country mountain-climbing a series of outdoors motion has become country the athletic project that the window of fitness of the whole people and adolescent like, development becomes the skeleton force of sports industry.

In the great progress that realizes Chinese dream, every mountain-climbing person should continue to insist to mountaineer with inheritance spirit, develop undaunted heroic creed drive, make our due contribution to realize the Chinese dream of great motherland. This mountaineers to us the worker of the industry is each times invigorate and lash. Li Zhixin says. (reporter Zhou Xin)

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