Ou Guanlian of electric 2021-2022 sports season surpassed Lisbon of Xinhua News Agency 7 days to stage the battle of a promotion in Boertu late on December 7, the 3:1 of Madrid sports team with Portuguese be a guestDefeat team of wave Er graph, final with the group the 2nd line; Obtain group tertiary the add game that team of wave Er graph will play knockout of Ou Luoba league matches.

Team of graph of Er of the wave before contest ranks a group the 2nd, as long as advocate field is indefectible can promote 16 strong. Ma Jing must beat adversary ability to give a clue. Veteran admire admire of 38 years old continues to take up the post of header of wave Er graph; The near future comes out the equestrian contest Jin Tong of drop out message expends benefit assorted to sit on reserve banquet full full-court.

Hand in a blank examination paper of bilateral each other ends half of a game or contest, yi Bian again battle, ma Jing breaks the deadlock on field in the 56th minute, from cling to the Geliciman that Sa returns to nods leak huntingn/arc repair the leaky part of a roof to notch after corner kick opportunity is medium. Dalian is old the boxing when Kalasike is sending foul line ball Geluyiji is punished to fall by red shop sign. Bilateral immediately erupts large-scale conflict, the door on the Wendeer that firm reserve of team of wave Er graph comes on the stage and bench banquet is shown Maqiexin red shop sign, both sides all continues with 10 people the match. The 90th minute, the field before Geliciman is clever pass, division Lei Ya gets a ball burst open the door of the short-hilted broadsword after irruptive forbidden zone. The phase when filling, shoot of close quarters of case Li Ciman is attacked, fill bef

ore heart Paul door shoot notch. Ao Liwei pulls after

this to punish bit of ball to score the one ball that redeems face for Boertu. Final Ma Jing 3: 1 win out, accumulate coronal of Europe of 7 minutes of promotion 16 strong; Team of wave Er graph accumulates field of league matches of Europe of 5 minutes of fight in some places one by one.

With day, 2:1 of field of Liverpudlian group objectiveDefeat AC Milan team, the military successes that gets the better of completely with 6 battle thereby holds his head high a line. AC Milan team accumulates 4 minutes of ranks finally to pay a copy only, but go out from Ou Zhanzhong bureau. (Chen Baiqiao)

Original title: Europe coronal only field: Equestrian contest guest gets the better of Boertu to promote 16 strong responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling