Lin Dan not Long Moyuan of enemy a

surname is complete flower contest 8 be sentenced 3 times by force to serve breach of rules

Beijing time on March 13 before dawn, ball of Quan Yingyu wool surpassed the final that ended 1/8 of a male single publicly 2020. 2-0 of Chinese player Chen Long beats teammate forest red, successful promotion male single 8 strong. Benchangbisailindan is sentenced 3 times to serve breach of rules, solid belong to infrequent, in pester the first bureau with Chen Long 17 at ordinary times, lin Dan did not withstand, lose finally with 17-21, 8-21.

Match of the first bureau, lin Dan leaves bureau be sentenced to punish serve breach of rules, chen Long appears one after another error, lin Dan 5-4 is banner. Lin Dan is when 6-5 is banner, be sentenced to serve again breach of rules, both sides is hit into 6 smo

oth. Before Lin Dan catchs a net procurable, precede with 11-10 enter bureau cease. Chen Long appears continuously error, what Lin Dan obtains 15-11 is banner. After benefit of a surname dragon pats be locked in a stalemate to notch with a many, score impendent to 15-16. Lin Dan catchs error of the ball before the net, chen Long 18-17 exceeds score instead. Subsequently, lin Dan appears for many times error, chen Long 21-17 wins right-hand seat bureau.

Match of the 2nd bureau, lin Dan leaves the bureau is successive error, chen Long obtains 5-0 to precede. The Lin Dan that lag behind is pestered with Chen Long patiently, lin Dan uses error of the other side to chase after score 5 smooth. Lin Dan forehand is broken off reduce oblique line procurable, those who obtain 8-7 is banner. At that time, lin Dan is sentenced to serve again breach of rules, this is him Benchangbisaidi is sentenced 3 times. Chen Long quickens assault to notch, precede with 11-8 enter bureau cease. Middle of the 2nd bureau, chen Long begins to carry fast, force Lin Dan for many times to appear error, those who obtain 16-8 is banner. The Lin Dan with big backward score did not find better way, final, chen Long wins the 2nd bureau with 21-8. Wash out Lin Dan with the score of 2-0 thereby, promotion this second complete flower the male single of open competition 8 strong. (Zhao is happy)

Original title: Lin Dan is sentenced 3 times to serve 0-2 of breach of rules not Long Moyuan of enemy a surname is complete flower 8 strong responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling