If Fanyun dies accidentally he still is pondering over life during reason exposure epidemic situation

If Fanyun of chess player of team member of team of national go assemble for training, profession died 8 paragraphs on July 2, chinese go association dies to his misfortune state deep feeling of grief is mourned.

Because of depressed die, still say to yearn for a bre

akthrough before 3 months

If the Fanyun that was born in January 1996 can is junior become famous.

2009, if Fanyun is decided paragraph, and enter Shanghai go line. After 3 years, 16 years old at that time if Fanyun became the brunt chess player of team of Shanghai go armour, and be in assemble for training of national go team.

I come back to take-over from Beijing after Shanghai team, the luckiest thing is discovery, if Fanyun has not been registered first by nonlocal club actually.

When those, experienced Liu Shizhen ever was accepting bishop of team of the Shanghai that surround armour the affirmation that pair of Fan Yunre conveyed when interviewing and love, surround armour 4 chesses, who be short of to be no good, after Fan Yunre came, this one supports very steadily.

These year, if Fanyun also has name quite on network go platform, those vermicelli made from bean starch that like Fan Yunre like to call him big model, the morning style that also likes to use his name the North sea in network go he.

And big Fan Zuixi is opposite happily with Ke Jie play chess, on the network, his fight hand to hand is most is Ke Jie.

because of such, ke Jie understands Fan Yunre very much. Be in early 2013, what win king of new personality of go of the 20th cup that build the bridge to surpass runner-up at that time is big model got Ke Jie's admiration, he ability is 17 years old, very young, but had been the person above average in young chess player. Progress of these two years especially big, attend for the first time surrounded armour to take the success of 50% to lead want to know, present surround armour, competitive environment has many intense.

2016, big model make public in go of SamSung cup world infiltrate in contest 4 strong, and 2017, if Fanyun is in world of cup of the 18th farming heart Gaoguang hour is received on go organization tounament, piao Tinghuan of chief commander of his conquer Korea, hold a champion of farming heart cup in both hands the 6th times for China.

2019, if Fanyun rises it is 8 paragraphs. Also be to be in this year, he won Chinese go day 2019 yuan Sai Yajun, and be in obtain intellective games of the 4th whole nation to mix double gold on behalf of Shanghai in those days.

Enter 2020, when Fan Yunre's condition has some of fluctuant the other, he still expresses when accepting media special report, this LG contest attended a few times to had not won a chess before, bearing should be assemble is full, special expect this competition, also long to be able to have good play.

If Fanyun also is having his cause this year, I yearn for a breakthrough, nevertheless, the chess does not fall to be able to know what produce.

But everybody did not think of, the star of this hope can leave because of depressed disease we

According to " Oriental sports daily " report, before the accident, if Fanyun had appeared successive the unusual appearance that 5 days of 5 night cannot enter Mian. 2 days morning, his family ever accompanied his go to a doctor, unusual without fish in diagnostic process. Accordingly parents coming home has a bit lax, be aware he shuts the door not to go out all the time after, just discover the accident has happened

Condescending and civilized, he is the chess player with very powerful force

These year, besides the talent that shows oneself on chessboard and endowment, fanyun if all the time very low-key and condescending.

He opened number of his small gain Zhang 2016, but the good friend clean stalking or branch with him is not quite same, so old come, if Fanyun has 7 small gain only, have two among them or concern with basketball. 2017, namely two years after Sichuan male basket gains the championship, if Fanyun has paid close attention to this to raise the performance of team, and be on gregarious platform still sigh with emotion, cannot body contact cannot prevent hada really enlighten.

Besides, if Fanyun appears to distribute greater part time is dedicated on chessboard, did not show a more individual character on gregarious network.

And the vermicelli made from bean starch that falls through date of gregarious network Zhang is like in Fanyun leaves a message, OK and medley a collect inside his humanness, condescending and low-key disposition.

2018 go congress when, I once was taking the child to be come up against in hotel elevator big model. A go confuses the brief contact that shared she and Fan Yunre, request group photo presumingly, his smile agrees, still ask circumstance of the child learning a chess. Very condescending a very polite youth.

Fan Yunre's disposition, also help him himself early was formed sober and the chess wind that has overall situation view.

After ending with respect to the match that in not long ago king of chess of go of world of company of daily of Korea of cup of the 25th LG surpasses true Zhu of first-run negative Yushen, one elder brother also highly praised Korea go chess force of Fan Yunre.

Fan Yunre is the player with a very powerful force. Shen Zhen Zhu once had had for many times with Fan Yunre to play chess, besides the LG cup that just ends, two people are the closest when the those of the league matches that surround armour that fight hand to hand was 2019, shen Zhen Zhu hold Bai Zhongpan loses Fan Yunre, especially if chess bureau trend suits his chess wind, it is a very terrible player.

On the countrywide intellective games last year, insurgent journalist also once had brief communication with Fan Yunre, can beat next formidable rival at that time, if low-key Fanyun mentions a victory to appear very modest, but there is an ambitious interest in simple answer:

These are the chess players that train together in national group, doing not have what person actually cannot be beaten.

It is during the epidemic situation before dying, if Fanyun still is pondering over life.

This paragraph of time is placed in him home place a chess, play chess plays on the net, play together with family again, see a movie, play play game, afterthought take an examination ofing ponders over life. He says when accepting media to interview, this epidemic situation lets me hav

e a lot of time that he ponders over, I feel this also is the results that this epidemic situation brings to me, make him heart staticcer.

Go is the game of philosopher, but the Everyman that the chess player just also has feeling however, the hope is big model oneself quiet chessboard is had in another world, wish the assistant that he becomes Chinese go is.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling