25 days, the reporter builds the know on the press conference without useless city from Hangzhou city macrocosm, hangzhou had made more than 800 do not have useless cell, explored a batch not to have useless mode effectively. This city will deepen macrocosm not to have useless city construction in the round 2022, will not have useless concept embedded Hangzhou 2022 Asia Game (next weighing Hangzhou Asia Game) in prepare and running the job, make in the round without useless inferior carry.

Zhejiang is the province that the whole nation begins macrocosm the first times to be built without useless city with saving governmental name deploy, and at present of Hangzhou of its provincial capital also had entered in the round without useless city construction accept official and level of assault fortified positions.

The reporter on the news briefing understands, hangzhou will be made in the round 2022 without useless inferior carry. Without useless inferior carry even if will blend in Hangzhou Asia Game to make preparations without useless concept with match whole process, strive the biggest change solid to abandon fountainhead to decrease quantity, resource to change use and harmless change deal with, the comprehensive green that help strength inferior carry.

We hope to be abandoned in order to not have inferior the small cut of carry, reveal Hangzhou not to have the systemic circulation of useless city, let an athlete, come Hangzhou tourist feeling is not had useless inferior the concept running contest of carry. Soil of bureau of environment of Hangzhou town organisms' habits and solid trash chemical grow brave introduction everywhere, make without useless inferior carry general from establish without useless inferior carry concept, begin without useless inferior it is carry place construction, good to do of all kinds solid is useless deal with 3 respects proceed with.

In advocate establish without useless inferior carry concept respect, hangzhou will be all-around begin inferior mix before carry inferior during carry without useless conduct propaganda, meet without useless code of conduct, ginseng through making a citizen the guideline, refine further without useless requirement. We still will explore later period a few but the incentive mechanism of be born, if do not have useless integral to wait, guide and supervise and urge join meeting personnel to be formed truly be used to without useless behavior. Come brave says.

Without useless inferior carry place serves as one of types that do not have useless cell, the square respect area that building is embedded without useless concept. As we have learned, hangzhou begins to make from the respect such as prevention and cure of place construc

tion, pollution, day-to-day management establish a standard, if building a process to use green building, use green construction, facilities facilities uses green product to wait, aim to reduce solid to abandon fountainhead as far as possible generation, raise resource to change use. Found the job to be in at present of like a raging fire in beginning, strive will all inferior carry place is founded abandon to not have inferior carry place.

This city asks strictly still to undertake classified collection to producing rubbish by the standard, classification is carried, classified processing, at the same time consideration epidemic situation is prevented control a demand, do rubbish of good food hutch, life rubbish and medical treatment rubbish to wait deal with, ensure safety is harmless change deal with rate 100% .

Besides, 2022, hangzhou still will take aim calm state level builds a target without useless city, with higher level, greater strength, realer move, drive solid trash to administer system and processing capability modernization quickly, accelerate construction macrocosm not to have useless city, join forces is driven decrease corrupt fall carbon cooperates with synergism, let macrocosm not have useless the brightest feature that becomes beautiful China to build Hangzhou example, high quality helps strength collective and rich demonstrative area construction.

This respect, cao Jiansong of floorwalker of member of leading Party group of bur

eau of environment of Hangzhou town organisms' habits, 2 class introduces, this city does not have exert oneself abstraction one set system of useless cell standard, summary abstraction is of all kinds found effect and experience without useless cell, research makes a standardization establish a system, farther promotion builds a level without useless cell; Make a batch do not have course of useless characteristic high-quality goods, the high-quality goods that makes more do not have useless characteristic is nodded, a string of beads becomes chain, form a batch to be able to be drawn lessons from, the high-quality goods that can learn sees a line; Make do not have useless code of conduct, advocate energetically without useless concept, make a citizen do not have useless code of conduct, drive the lifestyle that forms low carbon of contracted and measurable, green, civilized health and consumptive pattern. (Qian Chenfei)

Original title: Hangzhou will make in the round 2022 " without useless inferior carry " responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling