Grand of heart armour division 3 people new coronal detects show as usual of club of electropositive diagnose new coronal to train

Club of this grand of division of Zhou Wude armour announces, the new coronal virus that there are 3 people in the club detects show masculine gender, but at the same time division grand expresses to be able to train by plan proceed. Wei Ersi pulls player of the field in the Belgium of effectiveness Yu Kelong to think especially especially, the decision that continues to train is very strange, he also objects De Jia trying to restore the competition as soon as possible in this kind of moment.

Two players and division of a physiotherapy include in the affect person of division grand. Weiersitelate of 26 years old expresses when accepting Belgian VTM TV station to interview: Understand from literal meaning, the information that the club transmits is, pass without person and contact of the person that these are affected. But physiotherapy division was in charge of I and other player several weeks in the past, and I am in a Zhou Si return and affect a player twice this among them one of formed two people group, undertake training in group together. Acc

ordingly, the statement that says we were not contacted with them at all is not complete and correct.

Concern may have Weiersitelate more people are in the next time virus detects show masculine gender: Virus has begun transmission, but we had been not kept apart temporarily, this is a bit unconventional. At present the football is not the most important to me, especially virus already closer and closer. I see the picture in overweight disease ward before, look now, virus is very close also from us. Accordingly, everything still undertakes in as usual now, this is a little strange.

De Jiaguan just hopes to be able to restore to undertake this sports season odd league matches May all the time, dan Weier Sitelate expresses to object to this: I think to be opposite I and someone else, the speech that says the football should restore as soon as possible is babyish, this kind of virus shows you must treat it seriously again. I cannot decide De Jia how to handle, but what I can say I pay close attention to is not a football. Actually, my family, cummer, and the healthy ability of everybody is the most important. Weiersitelate's cummer contracts heart disease, because this belongs to the tall danger of virus,affect a crowd.

Original title: Heart armour team new coronal of 3 people diagnose! Player: ? Da Yiqin of  of fear establish earnestly sticks responsi

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