Funds of Tokyo Olympic Games cuts down the sports meet with new a reality, simple definition

Yesterday, organization of international Olympic committee holds video meeting, the relevant topic for discussion that cuts in the light of funds of Tokyo Olympic Games and Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee spread out discuss. Both sides is reached at this point consistent, combine statement in can late cloth, gift the sports meet with the definition ─ a reality, simple ─ with Tokyo new Olympic Games.

Past a week, the preparatory funds problem after Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee begins to adjourn at cutting down the Olympic Games, and at video conference before today, more than 200 specific plan refers international Olympic committee, involve the incremental cost of more than 300 billion yen. Yesterday, both sides undertook discussion at this point, related side case got international Olympic committee approbate, include contractible match scale, reduce closure cost, and the rationalize means that seeks more broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure in a l

ot of link such as competition ground, traffic.

The both sides after the meeting issues associated statement, the Tokyo Olympic Games after delay the definition is a reality, simple sports meet. Next, tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee will continue to push relevant preparatory work, will abide by 3 big principles: Strive to be player, audience, volunteer and staff member to offer safety and ease agonistic job environment; Increase what delay arises cost hard the smallest change, get national understanding; Each match and take part in the match the player will maintain former state, try to answer according to did not change.

Sen Xilang of chair

man of Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee expects Tokyo Olympic Games becomes to develop solidarity and accrete model. He affirms at the same time, will be in the affirmatory and specific match place before autumn and program are arranged this year.

Original title: Tokyo Olympic Games goes more more " simple " : An actual and simple sports meet responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling