F1 head stands after 9 cars retreat contest intermediary heat, the can safe sports season that finish is the biggest victory

The delay that experienced nearly 4 months awaits, competition of large award of F1 of 2020 sports season is in eventually this weekend circuit of annulus of Austrian red ox pulls open big screen afresh.

Nevertheless Wei Sida Pan, Likaduo, Situoer, Magenusen, Geluosi lets, Lasaier, Laikening, A.

Through the platoon July 4 contest contention, meisaidesi car hand before Bodasi and Hanmierdu undertake the whole thing two, weisidapan gains red oxcart hand the 3rd look, be destined in half-baked sports season, the hopeful of Sai Desi of big plum winning the home last year continues to act the most conspicuous part on circuit.

No matter whether the match has be concerned about, it is under epidemic situation indulge in wilful persecution, can be being returned to had been a kind of success long to this history match.

Delay opens contest, meisaidesi still is an overlord

We are whole did not have to the test March in January discontinuous, although later shutdown 3 months, but our a lot of tentative ideas had gotten handling, the challenge depends on whether can applying its actually on our racing bicycle, we hope to be in begin cycle racing comes true on battle upgrade.

Motorcade of plum Sai Desi before this make known his position to more or less can allow competitor people feel depressed, and those who defend crown champion is strong in also be surpassed in the exercise and discharging a contest, got confirming.

In practicing 3 times, the place of Hanmierdu, Bodasi is ranked without any change one, 2. The earth's surface of Wei Taier call a spade a spade shows hand of farad benefit vehicle, other motorcade can have ignored lever contention, teammate straps Claire to also say frankly farad benefit racing bicycle can wait to continue to upgrade only.

Arrived to discharge a contest, the position changes somewhat eventually, but the place that is Mei Ben interior only produced exchange, bodasi grabs lever. Si Dapan of dimension of hand of at present red oxcart may become exclusive variable, the 3rd is obtained in Dutch practices in two and discharging a contest, review 2018 stand with the Austria 2019, weisidapan also gains the championship twice.

In fact, as farad benefit send more dispirited, gong Niu is regarded as the agitate bureau of rare survival person, the DAS system that the Gong Niu before this ever protested to the plum runs quickly (action changes direction at cycle racing, according to saying to be able to reduce tire to wear away promotion catchs soil fertility) the relevant provision that was suspected of disobeying concerned aerodynamics, dan Benzhou FIA rules DAS system is legal, kind and enmity can stay in formal match to do break.

To indifferent treat a customer and character, existence competition is the thing of love to see and hear, if the plum runs quickly alone big, appear much some rarer than the sports meet dull, more crucial is, this kind of situation may appear in 2020 sports season not just, continue in the sports season after continueing to be in however.

Epidemic situation hits match economy, does indirect and advantageous plum run quickly?

Because of new coronal epidemic situation, the economy of F1 is damaged, FIA, F1 and F1 collectivity join cycle racing team to pass the decision after talking things over, the racing car that original plan carries out at 2021 sports season new rule is delayed come to was carried out 2022. It is managing cost consideration at the same time, the batholith of 2020 racing bicycle will continue to be used in next sports season, the research and development of other component also can be frozen by different level land.

Budgetary cap respect, the budgetary upper limit that leaves each motorcade of sports season F1 will drop from the 175 million dollar that decides formerly to 145 million dollar, this number can continue to drop 2022 140 million dollar, 2023-2025 year drop for 135 million dollar

This is meant what begin from this year is longer in period of time, f1 motorcade gets tired capital and regular double handicap in admiral of research and development, may continue at the Mei Ben of commanding elevation originally so oneself advantage. Suddenly accept of the leader of a sports team of at present red ox expresses: Hope now the fundamental direction of this racing bicycle is correct, because still be met,affect next sports season.

New coronal epidemic situation had affected the competition on circuit stealthily, but F1 government and each motorcade is very clear, before this disaster that sweeps across the whole world, can restore the match to cross everything high, on any regulation edit it is inside OK and patient limits, more what is more,the rather that below finance pressure, of motorcade live problem already apparent with each passing day.

Maikailun Braun expresses CEO: Intermediary heat is for subsist, with match of a lot of sports, f1 offerred millions to the whole world working opportunity. Maikailun has been mixed with cutting down the member of persons employed before this sell off the means such as asset to spend difficulty, the model of F3 was used even in their test. And longer await, bring more issue possibly also, for instance farad benefit announced to after with Weitaierben sports season contract expires, renew the contract no longer.

This decision that produced May this week received more detailed explanation, wei Taier expresses him on the news briefing before contest before this complete not know the inside story, nuo of comparing of the leader of a sports team holds farad benefit in the palm to make known his position subsequently: I think to deferred the compression with budgetary cap regularly the trend of virus craze, newly to change whole situation. The chance that Saibasidian has not gotten returning him proof on the right path (renew the contract no longer) , this is a little unfortunate to him.

Competition of Holand station large award announced to exit May, what the race that with station of Australia, Monaco, France these in advance quit differs is, the Holand station of this sports season is when the first time after lying between 35 years is held, dan Helan is sponsorred just think, hold the contest that does not have an audience with its, be inferior to surpassing large award remit to to was held 2021 simply, holand large award surpasses sports chief inspector to pull Mo Si to express: Since had awaited 35 years, might as well wait one year more again.

Be worth what carry is, advisory Dr. Maerke ever also imagined Gong Niu let an audience enter Austrian station to begin battle, but still be overruled finally.

Epidemic situation is current, can finish sports season to win namely

Below grim situation, choose what abandon temporarily to be absent a few, at present F1 also did not announce complete leg, chairman F1 Qiesikaili discloses, the other game that assign a station still need a few

weeks of time to knock calm.

15-18 field match is appropriate, a few matches need to beat calm time only, but still have the uncertainty with very tall existence of a few matches. First 2020 game always share 22 matches in all previous, but the game assigning a station that has quited at present re

achs 8 stations, because local epidemic situation is serious,the United States, Mexico and Brazil stand, pendent also, if whole sports season is final halve, also can not let a person feel accident.

In the past a few months, f1 was intermediary heat to make various effort, the nucleic acid of new coronal virus that this week F1 government just announces detects the result shows, had 4032 tests to car hand and relevant staff member, the result shows negative entirely, so large-scale detect finish entirely in a week time. The intermediary heat according to F1 and FIA is how-to, the personnel every other inside all paddock can accept future 5 days nucleic acid checks.

In addition, qiesikaili divulges F1 did those who perfect beforehand case the guideline of a 90 pages, suffer the harm of coronal shape virus in order to ensure relevant personnel is avoided in 2020 sports season. Without doubt, austrian station will appear give to differ before F1 match.

There is an audience on bleachers, there is a honored guest in paddock, there is extra security personnel to prevent car confusing to gather however outside competition ground; The ability after personnel of even if motorcade passes safety to detect is arrived at, but the number is photogenic also have than in the past substantially cut, spot personnel also is supporting the activity inside group unit each only, reduce needless contact, the socialization with the safe maintenance inside motorcade is apart from; After the match ends, all personnel remand bed sheet alone the hotel perhaps takes charter flight scheduled flight, avoid in road and contact without detected personnel

Compare the contention on circuit, austria stands whether successful safety is held more F1 government and attention of common people place, after all the contest assigning a station after this will decide whether continue according to the tentative idea. Stem from increase battalion to receive the consideration that turns round a situation, qiesikaili even Yao is wanting to introduce a viewer in appropriate node, and the success or failure of F1, renew those who affect other international match prospect likewise. (insurgent journalist Chen Jun)

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