During Zhejiang releases epidemic situation, report of state of house home fitness exceeds dweller of half the number to be able to be in fixed time fitness

Report resided Hangzhou of Xinhua News Agency on July 5 a fitness is effective, is gymnastical situation of the people favorable during epidemic situation? A few days ago, during office of group of bureau of Zhejiang province sports combined organization of institute of sports of Zhejiang Normal University to begin new coronal epidemic situation, Zhejiang saves urban and rural dweller to reside survey of home fitness state, undertook to saving the dweller of countryside of 21118 famous cities of city of 11 ground level completely random questionnaire is investigated.

The dweller of 81.54% had gymnastical activity, the dweller of 82.5% recognized the necessity of

the fitness that occupy the home. Regard this as the specific controller of second survey, li Qidi of assistant dean of college of big sports of division of short for Zhejiang Province expresses, during investigation report indicates epidemic situation, Zhejiang province dweller resides home sports fitness overall condition is better, gymnastical consciousness is taller.

The dweller choice of 70.28% and domestic person a fitness, this had main effect to harmonious family concern. Li Qidi expresses, domestic education belongs to personalized education, domestic sports blends in a family in education can the channel that get through family takes exercise together, promotion is old in little the mobile pattern that has together, be helpful for culture of inheritance family sports.

Investigation report shows, the dweller that exceeds half the number can be in fixed time fitness, and chose what have body building in the late evening to hold great majority. Look from athletic project, setting-up exercise kind, ran kind, drawing moves kind, fitness of skip, force kind, fitness goes kind, before category of badminton, gem gal looks the rank leans, and square dance, basketball, after moving the motion such as feeling bicycle, ping-pong to lean apparently.

This basically is the characteristic decision of project itself, get place limitation is less, and suit to reside the home to undertake more without particularly high technology skill and equipment requirement, have apparent age, sexual distinction is restricted or the project with equipment equipment higher demand develops field the meeting is not quite convenient. Li Qidi says.

The report still shows, although exceed the dweller of half the number to be able to undertake warm up before motion,prepare, undertake relaxation an activity in the meeting after fitness, but only the dweller of 25.44% can use the

body such as heartbeat, blood pressure to monitor a method. This also mirrors a dweller to have certain sports activity common sense, dan Jian body is scientific kind of knowledge is opposite lack. And in gymnastical guidance respect, only the crowd of 13.09% chooses public service platform. Look in Li Qidi, a few fitness mode from media have interest sex more probably, but remain whether scientificly however deliberate. Also hope to be able to borrow this to force public service platform is rolled out a few suffer numerous the gymnastical method with strong sex of wide, interest, let more person can scientific fitness.

Zhejiang saves sports bureau group to be in chief to express, below the circumstance that normalizes in epidemic situation, work personally to drive Ju Jiajian benign development, can build multidimensional platform, fitness of perfect the whole people classifies direct system, participate in through famous athlete, provide gymnastical guidance for masses, pass the classification with more meticulous accurate essence, let reside a fitness can more scientific. (reporter Xia Liang)

Original title: During Zhejiang releases epidemic situation, state of house home fitness reports responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling