Collect of new rule of latest news of Nba intermediary heat: Appear a few diagnose need not cancel sports season

After the effort that passes a few months, NBA announced the healthy and safe regulation of intermediary heat of 2019-20 sports season in Zhou San. Its content includes next in a few weeks of time, each team is in the preparation of each own field seat, arrive at Aolanduodishini arrangement of world the following flow, and the guideline that how sports season restarts.

This constitution is thick amount to about a hundred page, detail is covered extremely wide, from how should if somebody detects,masculine gender do a COVID-19, how to hit ping-pong all-embracing in the player balcony in the hotel.

It is the answer of a few the most critical questions that NBA safety rules gives out below.

How should if the player detects,masculine gender do a COVID-19?

This player can be kept apart, have a test afresh, with preventing occurrence holiday positive. If final diagnose, so the treatment that this player can accept by a definite date at least 14 days, undertake a series of examinations are reached recuperate.

Can be clear about from inside rules procedure see, the doctor that NBA has consulted worries about the risk of potential heart and vessels that virus brings very much. The training of the player will be restricted, and must pass heart inspection, just can consider return field next.

How much is the inspection frequency of average person?

Allied view is frequent, mean a day more than. May be below a few circumstances everyday one.

How many person to want to detect give electropositive ability to you can halt competition again?

Although did not mention expressly, but apparent alliance is to had made the preparation that has player infection. To this problem, write only in constitution, if appear a few or it is to anticipate inside COVID-19 case of illness of the amount, need not make time-out or the decision that cancel sports season.

As to a large number of case of illness that more or less just are danger, rules did not explain.

How does if doesn't the player want to go,Ao Lan do more?

If team feels some player is likely,appear because of COVID-19 serious complication, the member that can appoint pushball gets protection, such he need not head for Orlando to report for duty, compensation also won't suffer lose.

In addition, a group that forms by 3 medicine expert will investigate the medical history of the player, the risk that decides the player suffers from COVID-19 to weigh disease disease thereby whether taller. Below this kind of circumstance, the player is OK and absent, also won't be buckled salary.

The player can choose to apply for to protect position, and this panelist has final ruling right.

But if the player does not accord with above condition to still do not wish,go intermediary heat, the pay of match of absent of place of his meeting loss. For instance a yearly salary the player of 10 million is absent 14 long words, every salary loss is 108 thousand dollar.

Already surpassed quarterly reports to sell via getting hurt, the player that cannot join intermediary heat (for instance Du Lan is mixed especially be stranded article) , won't loss pay.

How does the instructor with old age do? Can they attend?

Like the player, of the member that team also can decide the coach is comprised accept protective position. If team does not announce one is accorded with,accept protective condition (for instance 65 years old of above) the person is protected, alliance can choose to refer the case the doctor to examine.

If alliance is made the doctor decides of this coach teach the risk browbeats directly he or her health, that alliance can prohibit this coach enters segregation area.

It is what kind of that in Dishini the life of world intermediary heat is met?

It is very difficult to affirm at the beginning. After everybody reachs a public house, must undertake most segregation of 48 hours of ego, checking a result till two COVID-19 is electronegative till. This is to assure to enter the person that isolates an area to did not carry virus.

Player and staff member cannot string together the door. It is before July 21, player cannot as gregarious as the player that lives in other public house, break out in order to prevent potential epidemic situation.

The cook that every team has him and 24 hours of open eat are fed, but they also can eat outside with the player of other team. Outside using the App that order meal to also can cry, sell. Team is OK after in Dishini of the have dinner of a few dining-room of garden area, these dining-room are shut external. They are OK also the designation from place sells outside cafeteria dot.

The everybody in segregation area should adorn Dishini is magic hand annulus, when play the game only or training need not. Annulus of this kind of hand can serve as virus of shape of hotel room key, coronal to detect register and use when other medical treatment is checked.

The player balcony of every hotel deserves to sport plane, desk swims, the recreational establishment such as ping-pong

stage. Because want to maintain social distance, the ping-pong can not play doubles, every hit a card one round to also want to exchange new card.

The person in segregation area still can use swimming-pool, footpath and golf field.

Team is keeping apart each place inside the area and hotel ballroom to undertake fitness and training.

Can team take round member of much I am afraid I have to go now?

The number can increase as time. At the beginning every team can take 37 people to enter garden only, include among them most 17 players, still other group supports a member, for instance layer of division of coach, training, equipment management, security, management is waited a moment. Alliance still suggests team takes a psychological doctor. If be not taken, also must assure psychotherapy channel unobstructed, be in when any players especially when leaving angst of the family, feeling after entering garden area and pressure to increase.

When the contest after season leaves dozen, team can increase a number. After first-run promotion, can add a group two staff members; After semifinals promotes, can add two again. This one regulations is the requirement that many coach raises.

Can they wear guaze mask?

Besides have a meal or be alone when the room, everybody must adorn indoors guaze mask. Outdoors when doing exercise, need not wear. In the match, the player, player on banquet of judgment, bench and coach need not be worn.

What appearance is comparing a sports meet?

Compare a sports meet to undertake in 3 different place. There won't be fan outside place, but somebody of the meeting on bleachers. Because alliance allows the player of fixed number to enter,watch the game, the media of fixed number also can enter. There still can be the member of tall canal, alliance and labour union on bleachers, even a few sponsors.

The player of field edge must take two. The meet

ing inside the house has an announcer, camera camera lens also can arrange several.

Is the journey that is the player keeping apart day of the race inside the area what kind of?

With NBA before the journey of guest field match won't have too big distinction. Team has breakfast together, it is after training of shoot a basket, lunch in the hotel swing, average player can choose siesta. Subsequently, they go to ball house preparing the contest together again.

One basically differs, it is the player must change good game to take in the hotel, the match is over to also must return hotel ability to bathe. Look at present, the fashionable dress show before contest is to won't appear.

If how someone leaves garden area to do?

Alliance won't prevent anybody to leave. But if be in,did not leave below licensed circumstance, the segregation that reentry will come to to had be toed be faced with at least 10 days, also must do deep bazoo to detect (someone else is done is shallow bazoo or shallow oral cavity detect) .

Can ask for leave because of domestic account, for instance domestic emergencies, child is born etc. Below this kind of circumstance, need to accept 4 day segregation only into garden afresh, want them to be outside garden area only everyday detecting is electronegative as a result can.

X light and MRI machine also can plan in garden area.

Can the guest enter garden area?

Can. After the contest after first-run season ends, 8 team can be the rest player guest prepares 15 to 17 guest room. Guest room amount should keep consistent with amount of the player in the team. These guest room need a player to be assumed at one's own expenses.

The guest should enter garden area, need first ego keeps apart a week, next reassume is kept apart 3 days, the day is lain between to be done at least in these 3 days detect (the 2nd segregation can be finished in team seat, also can be in Dishini is finished outside garden area) . If be in,this paragraph of time detects electropositive, can not enter garden area.

If enter garden area, the guest still should accept 4 days of segregation, continue to accept everyday detect. If be in,this paragraph of time detects electropositive, the alone segregation that must accept NBA to offer serves.

Does team stay what hotel?

The hotel of Gran Destino Tower of much hot spring of division collect accept, grand Floridian hotel and Yacht Club hotel.

Hotel allocation comes according to military successes, before the thing 4 seeds (person of hart, lake, flier, fierce dragon, dig gold, knight, Kaierte person, showing tremendous enthusiasm) live Gran Destino Tower; Thing 5-8 name lives (net of pedestrian, 76 people, basket, magic, rocket, thunderbolt, go alone a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, grey bear) Grand Floridian.

Do not surpass 6 team after season at present (wonder, trailblazer, pelican, spur, kingly, sun) live Yacht Club.

Can you have medical check?

The player needs to accept the medicaments that improves result and shelter medicine test. But those who follow to differ before is, won't have the test of beguiling sex medicaments. NBA has told a player, marijuana belongs to illegal medicaments in Florida. Dishini the world prohibits be being used hempenly likewise.

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