Bai Ren 8 Lian Sheng approachs De Jia position of 8 attack of Lian Guanben sports season are very excellent

Beijing time yesterday before dawn, league matches of this armour of sports season heart the 29th round undertook much field contend, among them leading sheep of integ

ral a list of names posted up does obeisance to Ren Muni black group advocate 5 than 0 get the better of Dusaierduofu greatly team, obtain league matches 8 Lian Sheng, distance heart armour 8 Lian Guanyue will jump over close.

Going up annulus in big fight of head of a list of names posted up, force of field of Bai Ren's guest catchs group of much especially unconscious heart, expand into of will lead dominant position 7 minutes. This field match, bai Renzhong will continue good position, begin infiltrates 15 minutes with respect to press adversary Wu Longqiu. After this, mei Kaier spends Laimoduofusiji, Pawaer and Davis advance one ball each, help Bai Ren gain great victory finally. After this field passes, bai Ren is temporarily banner the Duotemengde that surpasses less team 10 minutes.

Bai Ren is relaxed get victory, infiltrate Si Jigong cannot do not have the more than 10000 husbands of Lai of two balls. This sports season, polish forward of 32 years old has infiltrated in league matches 29 balls, the total goal number of each match is 43 when reached smooth individual record more. In mention child why to can be behaved so outstanding when, bai Ren advocate handsome Fricke revealed a little secret, I hear he was opposite before a Dusaierduofu the ball has been advanced when the team, before so I am surpassed, say to him, you should change this condition, next he was accomplished.

In fact, not merely Laimoduofusiji, bai Renquan team the attack position of this sports season is very excellent. After Benchangbi is surpassed, bai Ren infiltrates in the accumulative total in 29 rounds of competitions that had had 86 balls, achieve record of goal of heart armour the cor

responding period. Should be asked about whether can be finally 5 rounds in when to sports season 100 balls initiate concussion, fricke says: To us, still have mainer goal apparently. We experienced an outstanding sports season, but want to be able to be in next a few balls are advanced more in each match, that is better.

In the other contest that has ended in epicycle, rank tertiary straps Wokusen Li Kefu of group objective field bilks fort team, lag behind to cover heart line 1 minute especially more only below the case that surpasses more; 04 teams are in Sha Erke of old brand powerful group advocate 0 than 1 not enemy cloud Dabulai plum team, successive 11 rounds have not get the better of accomplishment.

Original title: Bai Ren approachs De Jia the 8 responsibility that connect a coronal edit: Li Xiaoling