CBS production truck loses power, disrupts Chiefs-Jaguars broadcast

CBS had to find a way to fill airtime Sunday when its production truck lost power during the Chiefs-Jaguars broadcast.

The network opted to show ads in place of the much-awaited game pitting the reigning NFL MVP against Nick Foles' new squad.


After a commercial during the fourth quarter, which saw Jacksonville cut Kansas City’s lead to 37-19, CBS did not return to the game broadcast.

Instead, CBS continued to show ads. 

The initial explanation, from studio host James Brown, was that the network was moving to "a more competitive game," which can happen during broadcasts. However, both of the competing team's markets, which should get the game in its entirety, were moved, as well.

CBS later clarified it was having technical issues after a production truck lost power.

The Chiefs went on to win 40-26. Foles left the game in the first quarter with a broken left clavicle.