Honest Brandon Jennings comment results in Twitter beef with J.R. Smith

Brandon Jennings didn't do anything shocking. He simply hopped on Twitter and perpetuated what was already a running joke in NBA circles. Still, his actions have resulted in some form of Twitter beef.

Jennings took to his personal account and questioned how J.R. Smith's brother, Chris, had an NBA contract. It's a question many have asked since it was revealed Chris Smith received $2 million to play in the D-League.

Truth is, many believe the Knicks gave Chris Smith this contract as a way of appeasing J.R. Smith, so it only makes since that he would take offense to Jennings' tweet, which was later deleted.

Jennings and Smith are both on teams that have struggled to start the season. The typical response to Twitter beef would be to tell them to focus on basketball, but this is about basketball. Jennings' honesty is refreshing, but Smith's response is predictable enough. Also, they play against each other when the Knicks and Pistons face off on Nov. 16.