OKC Thunder will rest Russell Westbrook for 'some' back-to-backs

For their heavy stretch of back-to-back games to end the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder will not play Russell Westbrook both games in "some" instances, according to NBA.com.

The decision to rest Westbrook, who has had th

ree knee surgeries, is a page out of the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs approach.

Oklahoma City has six back-to-back games left, with the first coming on Sunday and Monday in games against the Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks has not expanded on their intentions to rest Westbrook, but said the team has an approach in mind.

"We had a plan in place early on when we brought him back and we wanna stick with that," Brooks said. "We just wanna, while we can, get some time where he can rest in between games."