Video: How I recreated Stephen Curry's training with Accelerate Basketball Online

Previously here at Sporting News, we taught you how to train like Warriors star Stephen Curry by describing his summer workouts.

Now, with the tell portion behind us, we set out to take on the show aspect and recreated training drills from Curry's website, Accelerate Basketball Online. To do this, I drove down to South Carolina and the trainers at ABO put me through the paces. We worked mostly on ballhandling drills, focusing on two-ball dribbling and cone work.  

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My results were nothing like the seamless videos of Curry, but it was helpful to talk with Curry and learn that he faced similar challenges.

"All the drills you do are pretty humbling at first," Curry said, "because it challenges you and trains you to forget about the basketball and worry about where that tennis ball is going and where the lights are going. And that obviously simulates game-like situations, where if you're out there you have to worry about where defenders are, where open lanes are, where your teammates are for you to pass."

For Curry, training is about sharpening his shooting and improving his ability to use the dribble to score and make plays for teammates. Curry needs to be confident with the ball in order to complete either feat, and his offseason work ensures that he will continue to stay among the league's best passers and ballhandlers.

"The last thing you need to be thinking about is ball security a

nd where the ball is, so they did a great job designing all the drills so that I can test myself and challenge myself during the summers and during my practice sessions," Curry said. "It's a great way for anyone who wants to push themselves in that area to sign on and follow all the drills that I do myself, which is something unique about what we offer."