Draymond Green wants a free watch now that Stephen Curry is the MVP

Draymond Green knows how to get what he wants.

During Stephen Curry's MVP acceptance speech on Monday, the Warriors forward asked an important question: Where's my present?

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Green's long-winded question began with him explaining how he likes to learn from his teammate's journeys, and how Luke Walton once let it slip that Kobe Bryant hooked the Lakers up with free watches when he won MVP in 2008. Clearly, that anecdote stuck with Green.

"When Kobe won MVP, they all got watches," Green said during the news conference. "You keep mentioning us like we're a part of this, so I was just wondering what our gift was, that's all."

Once the crowd stopped clapping, Curry gave him the answer he w

as looking for: "I don't know what kind of watches they were, but I'll beat that gift."

That's a good teammate.