Lil B questions James Harden's loyalty to basketball

Lil B the Based God preaches positivity everywhere he goes. Maybe that's why he knows he can make it in the NBA.

He ascended in the hip hop world as a member of the rap group The Pack before making a name for himself in the basketball community as the emcee who famously enacted "The Based God" curse on Kevin Durant. The Thunder star mentioned he didn't like Lil B's music and now, four years later, Durant has yet to take Oklahoma City to the promised land.

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Coincidence, you say? Well, here's example two: James Harden was having one of the best seasons of his career and even finished second in the MVP voting. Then Lil B caught wind of the celebration Harden does after a big play — stirring an imaginary pot in midair, similar to how one cooks. Lil B credited himself as the founder of the cooking dance and claimed Harden was jacking his style. He needed to give credit where credit was due. At this point, Lil B threatened to curse Harden if he didn't pay homage to the cooking founder and when the Rockets star failed to respond, the Curse Pt. 2 was on.

Lil B, who occasionally refers to himself in third person, which is fantastic, spoke to Sporting News hours before Houston tipped off against the Warriors in Game 4. Why was Harden targeted for doing the dance that has become relatively common in the hip hop world?

"I’m always about bringing people together and positivity, so I don’t ever want to curse anybody," the Based God said. "Lil B is making up a lot of cool ideas and a lot of cool things and a lot of cool trends, and a lot of people take from that. It’s just really time to pay homage and pay respect all around."

It goes a little deeper than that. After hearing Harden went to Drake's rap show in Houston while his team down in an 0-3 hole, Lil B questioned Harden's loyalty to the game.

"I heard James Harden was [at Drake's concert] partying. He’s 0-3. Was James Harden doing the Lil B cooking dance there? He needs to relax and just focus on the playoffs."

So, what would the Based God say to Harden if he saw him?

"I really don’t have to say anything. I’m all over. I’m on your publication, I’m on ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN’s 'His and Hers,' SportsCenter, and if James Harden doesn’t watch that stuff, then I don’t really know if he loves the game."

The curse may not be so simple, however. The rapper hails from the Bay Area and is a diehard Warriors fan. He might be trying to clear a path to the NBA Finals for his favorite squad. Though he won't admit it. In fact, he won't even give his predictions for the championship series. He leaves it at, "I'm excited to see this."

Why is Lil B so shy about picking a team? Probably because he's trying to play for one in the near future. That's right, the 5-6 rapper not only believes he has a shot in the NBA, but he's apparently already in cahoots with a few teams.

"I don’t know if I really have to try out. [I] talked to the teams personally," Lil B said. "Anybody that I really want to talk to right now. Even some personal tryouts, some inside stuff.”

Don't be so shocked. The Based God already tried out for the D-League's Santa Cruz Warriors in 2012, and, while he didn't get a call back, he's been working on his game and thinks now might be the time.

"That [tryout] was when I was early on in my game. I’ve actually learned a lot of fundamentals of basketball and the game. I was still actually doing pretty well for my level of skill. Now, it’s crazy.”

Go ahead. Close your eyes and imagine Lil B playing for the reigning regular season Western Conference champions — he is.

“We’re definitely talking to a couple of teams," Mr. B reiterates. "But the Warriors have the first dibs on me.”

If that doesn't work out for him, Adam Silver should consider an NBA expansion team called the Based Bros that only consists of Lil B and the Grizzlies' Russ Smith, who calls himself the Based King. ("That's Russ Smith's thing! He's definitely Based King in the sports world. He's been representing, holding us down. I love Russ Smith. He's a positive soul and he's great for the NBA.")

The natural response

to this is, what does the NBA rule book say about players cursing their opponents? The next CBA is going to be fun.