Is Lance Stephenson calling out Damian Lillard? Clippers guard claims he's the best baller-rapper

New York, stand up! 

While the state that berthed hip-hop might not have a rapper at the forefront of the game, it does have an emcee, trying to hold it down in his sphere. Brooklyn's finest Clippers guard Lance Stephenson released his latest audible offering Friday. He's no Biggie or Jay Z, but he does claim to be "the best baller-rapper," and in the true competitive spirit of the genre, he's also willing to battle anyone that sees things differently. 

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Here's a sample of Born Ready's bars on his new track, "Check."

"I'm just tryna be the best baller I can be / Rapping is a hobby I just do it when I'm free." 

"Two-a-days in the gym seven days a week / Grinding never stop cause the family gotta eat." 

"Cali palm trees in Bel-Air I'm finna ball out / Cop a couple fish, hit the club I bring 'em all out." 

You might not be impressed, but Stephenson is. So much so that he's daring every hooper in the game not to test him on the mic. 

"Everybody know who the best baller-rapper is — Born Ready. Who wanna battle? Let's do it!" 

That's a claim Trail Blazers point guard Damia

n Lillard made on a recently released track. He said, "I'mma tell you what you feed the mind ultimately grows / Feed wisely / Now, I'm just reaping what I sow / Conscience rap up in my speakers — Kendrick and J. Cole / Why they ask, 'Who the best rapper in the league when they know." 

BEWARE: Some of Stephenson's language is suitable for work or children under the age of 13.

Let's just be honest. Let's just be real. Stephenson's "freestyle" just wasn't as awful as it could be. But he's not the best baller-rapper. He knows he doesn't want any of Lillard. Remember when he tore down "Sway in the Morning," rocking over Jay Z's "Dead Presidents" beat?

He's still dropping new stuff every week. Just check out his SoundCloud.