No, Harrison Barnes isn't going to embarrass Team USA

Harrison Barnes had to know he had it coming. 

Reports surfaced Saturday that USA Basketball would be adding the physically impressive but painfully inconsistent Warriors forward to its Rio Olympic roster. The Internet let loose on the North Carolina product, who shot a combined 5 for 32 in the last three games of the NBA Finals. Albeit riotous, the response condemning the decision as if it might threaten America's chances at, capturing a third-straight gold medal was a gross overreaction.  

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Cast your Star-Spangled fears aside. Team USA has got this thing sewn up. 

Sure, Barnes, a 6-8, 225-pounder Ames, Iowa native once touted as the best thing since pants with pockets has had an under whelming career through four years. He's shown flashes of the type of play that had many projecting he'd be a star, but the truth of the matter is, especially if he remains in Oakland, he'll never rise above being a role player. For what it's worth, that's OK. Just like he is in a Warriors' uniform, he'll be a distant option, not a priority. You can bet your bottom dollar, with commitments from plenty of All-Stars, no nation's team will be standing higher than the USA's when the first, second and third-placer winners are honored. 

Here's what the current USA depth chart looks like — after the addition of Kyrie Irving, according to ESPN.

PG: Kyrie Irving / Kyle Lowry
SG: Klay Thompson / Jimmy Butler / DeMar DeRozan
SF: Kevin Durant / Paul George / Harrison Barnes
PF: Carmelo Anthony / Draymond Green
C: DeMarcus Cousins / DeAndre Jordan

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The Warriors' motto this season was #StrengthinNumbers. That's all Barnes will be when he takes the floor Rio will be deeper than the red, white and blue in Brazil—another number. 

He put up average numbers during the 2015-2016 season, averaging 11.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.8 apg while being a solid 3-pointer shooter (38.3 percent) and abysmal shooting stats during Games 5 and 6 against the Cavaliers when he went 2 of 22 from the field and missed both of his free attempts. However, those figures won't matter. As longtime NBA scribe Marc Spears of ESPN's "The Undefeated" put in a television appearance earlier this week, "It's not like they're playing another NBA team." 

Plus, while Har

rison might not have proven reliable when the Warriors really needed him, he's not a bad 11th or 12th option. Just a couple weeks ago, Golden State brass was convinced he was investing $20 million a year into. It also won't hurt to have a guy who won't have a problem checking his ego at the door and accepting whatever playing time he's afforded without griping on a squad full of alpha males.

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But, hey, let's not facts or realistic perspective get in the way of these jokes.