Dwyane Wade is upset Donald Trump used his cousin's death for political gain

Dwyane Wade says that although he's "grateful" a controversial first tweet from Donald Trump about the shooting death of Wade's cousin "started a conversation," it also "left a bad taste" in his mouth.

Wade, in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" that was to air in full Friday, spoke in detail about his cousin's death last week in Chicago.

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Nykea Aldridge, Wade’s 32-year-old first cousin, was shot and killed Aug. 26 while pushing her daughter in a stroller in the city’s Parkway Gardens neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, Trump pointed to the shooting in a controversial tweet.

"I was grateful that it started a conversation but on the other hand, it just left a bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of Chicago is dealing with and it looks like it’s being used as political gain," Wade said.

More than an hour after his first tweet created a furor, Trump offered his condolences to Wade and his family.

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Aldridge’s death has served to further highlight the problems Wade's hometown has with gun violence. August was the deadliest month in almost two dec

ades in Chicago with 90 people, an average of nearly three a day, dying in gun violence. As of Thursday, there had been more than 2,300 shootings in the city, 471 resulting in fatalities.