Shrimp paste is a kind of very delicate flavoring, can add when making food a few inside dish, with will carry delicacy, although nutrient value is very high,do not cross shrimp paste, but also everybody does not suit to eat, the no-no crowd that unship shrimp paste came to below.

What person cannot eat shrimp paste

1, the person of disease of acerbity blood of high make water is unfavorable edible. Because shrimp belongs to tall purine food, it can oxidize in the purine inside human body and turn make water into acid, the illness of the person that can make contract disease of acerbity blood of high make water is exasperate.

2, patient of nephrosis, hypertensive, diabetic, coronary heart disease waits, had better not edible. Because the quantity containing salt inside shrimp paste is as high as 30% , the person that confines salt intake so is unfavorable edible.

Eat shrimp paste the meeting is allergic

Possible meeting is allergic.

Shrimp is contained in shrimp paste this kind of allergic source, the person that has disease of chronic illness, irritability so and the person that have skin disease are unfavorable edible.

The practice of the daily life of a family of shrimp paste

1, put egg break up into the bowl, join right amount shrimp paste according to individual taste, plus a few chopped green onion an agitate.

2, after hot pot, enter edible oil, good agitate egg fluid is fried into the decoct inside boiler.

3, after frying egg fluid to shape basically, add a few water, continue to break up fry dichotomy bell to be able to give boiler.

Eat shrimp paste to have what profit

1, the

protein that shrimp paste contains a lot of. Because the main raw material of shrimp paste is shrimp, and protein is contained a lot ofin shrimp, because shrimp paste of this of course is medium,also contain a lot ofprotein. Eat the protein that place of can compensatory human body needs shrimp paste, what ensure human body metabolism next is normal move.

2, shrimp paste contains vitamin A. Compensatory vitamin A is having very good profit to the eyesight of human body, to the white-collar mom that work before computer all the year round, of eyesight of protection of shrimp paste of OK and right amount edible oh.

3, shrimp paste contains calcium. Compensatory calcic element, can promote skeletal growth, prevent an osteoporosis.

4, iron is contained in shrimp paste. Compensatory iron element, can prevent anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

5, contain in shrimp paste bask in. Complement basks in an element, can prevent the happening of cancer.