Everybody should have heard in the life rife is vegetable, so do you understand black to collapse dish? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is black collapses dish, and eat black to collapse what effect does dish have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is black collapses dish

Black collapses dish the name collapses dish, broadbeaked mustard, collapse ground pine, black dish, for liver mosses of Yun of the mustard family the liver mosses that belong to Yun is planted black of Chinese cabbage subspecies collapses a mutation of dish, offer with lamina of Chinese ink green feed, produce China formerly, basically distributing in catchment of the Yangtse River. Black collapses the blade fertilizer of dish is tender, can fry feed, make soup, cold and dressed with sauce, lubricious delicate delicacy, nutrition is rich. Vitamin C is contained to be as high as 70 milligram in every L00 Ke Xianxie, calcium is 180 milligram and iron, phosphor, magnesian wait mineral, be called " vitaminic " dish and times accept people favour.

Eat black to collapse dish has what effect

1, compensatory nutrition

The nutrition with humanness compensatory and good system is black collapses the effect with the mainest greens, at ordinary times people uses vegetable of this kind of green, can absorb rich vegetable protein and many carbohydrate, still can absorb a few mineral with the vitamin, after these material are absorbed by human body, can prop human body normal function stimulative body metabolizes, have very big gain to enhancing hum

an body quality.

2, clear bowel discharges poison

Black collapses there still are many prandial fiber and crude fibre in dish, these material can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, and the rubbish that can let the accumulation in alvine path and toxin adsorption are in their surface, follow have a bowel movement one case outside eduction body, at ordinary times often edible, can remove clear bowel to discharge poisonous main effect, additionally black collapses dish or dish of a kind of low quantity of heat are tasted, it can add touch of human body full abdomen already, can reduce human body to be absorbed to other alimental again hold to edible to reduce weight effect is apparent also.

3, enhance power of human body immunity

Black collapses there still are rich vitamin C and carotene in dish, still contain a few vitamin B1, these material can promote rejuvenesce of the immunity inside human body, can enhance function of human body immunity, in daily life, it suits the crowd edible with those immune low power most, have very auspicious place to enhancing power of human body immunity, additionally it returns some these vitamins, return can alimentary delicate skin, can increase skin flexibility, defer skin consenescence.

4, clear heat is alexipharmic

Black collapses dish is a kind of property cold cool green dish is tasted, moisten the respiratory tract also can clear heat is alexipharmic, suit to use it drily to be able to prevent symptoms of a variety of suffer from excessive internal heat effectively to happen in the winter in weather most. See black collapse from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine dish or pleasant of a kind of flavour pledge without noxiousness gentle preserve one's health eats a plant, can benefit after people edible liver kidney connects benefit the five internal organs, it can maintain human body health effectively, healthy to raising human body level has very big gain.

Black collapses the growth of dish the environment is how

Black collapses dish sex is fond of Leng Liang, not high temperature resistant, the seed is gemmiparous comfortable lukewarm 20 one 25 ℃ , grow development is comfortable lukewarm 15 one 20 ℃ , ability 0 8, the low temperature of 10 ℃ , grow in high temperature of 25 ℃ above undesirable. Black collapses dish happy event is smooth, overcast and rainy, weak light is easy cause excessive growth, cauline section is stretchy, character drops. Black collapses dish is growing fill period requirement fat water is enough, need nitrogenous fertilizer more, potash fertilizer take second place, phosphor is least. Stronger to edaphic adaptability, dan Yifu is contained machine is qualitative, protect water to protect the small acidity with strong fertility to stick loam most appropriate.

Black collapses dish basically distributings where be

Black collapses dish the name is broadbeaked mustard, black dish, it is a mutation of Chinese cabbage, xie Senong is green, fat tender, because collapse,the ground grows and get a name. Basically distributing in catchment of our country the Yangtse River. Black collapses dish autumn sows, with the flavour after Jing Shuangxue melting and move say, be regarded as the curiosa in Chinese cabbage, because contain C of many prandial fiber, calcic, iron, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene to wait among them, also be called " vitamin " dish. Among them prandial fiber, have very good effect to constipation of prevention and cure.