Well-known, ovine reins is having ver

y good nourishing effect, especially to the male, very good to the body, nevertheless ovine waist also is cent is inside waist and outside of the waist, be the waist inside the sheep so expensive or is the waist outside the sheep expensive?

The waist outside the sheep and inside waist which expensive

It is some cheaper that price of the waist inside the sheep wants than price of the waist outside the sheep, and buy easily, the ovine reins that is used at barbecue commonly is the waist inside the sheep, price is in 70, 80 yuan a jin of or so; but the waist outside the sheep needs to book ability to be able to have commonly, the price is in about a hundred yuan a jin have.

The man takes the small of the back inside the sheep or outside the waist is good

The proposal eats inside the waist is better.

Civilian common saying says " eat what filling what " , that is to say, the man takes to reins is filling kidney Zhuang Yang more and be fed, and from the sheep outside waist and inside in light of the waist, the waist outside its belongs to genital official, compare on edible effect inside the effect of Zhuang Yang of lumbar filling kidney will be better, because this suggests,the man takes inside waist more fill.

The effect of ovine reins

1. is lukewarm filling kidney is in relief

Kidney empty is a man not just is exclusive, some women also can have the case of kidney empty, and ovine reins sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, enter kidney classics, have the effect of this world of very good lukewarm filling kidney, back of the aching and limp of female waist genu that brings about to kidney empty, waist is cold the symptom such as thirsty of painful, tinnitus, disappear has auxiliary therapy effect.

2. enhances immunity

Rich protein is contained in ovine reins, protein is the bases of body immunity cell, compensatory protein can enhance body immunity power.

3. prevents anaemia

The iron element content in ovine reins is higher also, iron is a person the indispensable raw material in haemoglobin synthesis process, right amount reins eating a sheep can fill iron enrichs the blood, precaution is short of iron sex anaemia.

4. prevents nyctalopia

Ovine reins belongs to pluck, the content of vitamin A composition in this kind of pluck is higher also, can prevent nyctalopia effectively.

How is ovine reins done delicious

Feed capable person: The bark of eucommia 15 grams, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 6 grams, ovine reins 2, salt, gourmet powder, unripe pink each 3 grams, laojiang, green each 10 grams, cooking wine 12 milliliter, pepper is right amount.

Practice measure:

Incision of reins of abluent; sheep goes to 1. general the bark of eucommia, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine fat film, abluent, section, the salt that add a person, unripe pink, cooking wine bloats ginger of be soiled; , green is abluent, green of ginger section; is cut paragraph.

2. puts the bark of eucommia, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine simultaneously inside person earthenware pot, add boiled water right amount, slow fire boils 1 hour, put boil of person sheep reins, Laojiang, green, cooking wine, transfer into salt, gourmet powder, pepper, can edible.