A lot of people like the season that every mature to persimmon buy persimmon to eat, be child cannot eat everyday much, eat much the meeting is uncomfortable, so the optimal time that takes persimmon is when, persimmon eats much have what disadvantage.

Take the optimal time of persimmon?

It is better that appropriate eats 1 hour later after the meal. Because persimmon contains more tannic acid,reach pectic, below hollow circumstance they can be below the action of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice the nugget that forms size to differ, if these nugget cannot pass pylorus to arrive at small intestine, can stop to form gastric persimmon stone in the stomach, if gastric persimmon stone cannot natural by eduction, can create enteron block so, occurrence epigastrium is acuteness aching, vomiting, even the symptom such as haematemesis, and in the edible after the meal, if there is food to intervene inside the stomach, with respect to the happening that can prevent this kind of situation.

Persimmon eats much have what disadvantage

1, persimmon eats much also can affect the mineral absorption such as calcium. The tannic acid in persimmon medium calcium, zinc, as can magnesian as food, iron mineral form the compound that cannot be absorbed by human body, make these nutriment cannot be used, eat persimmon to cause these mineral shortage easily more so.

2, because persimmon is medium,contain sugar again more, so people has persimmon to compare the apple that takes similar measure, unripe pear to have full abdomen feeling more, can affect appetite thereby, decrease to be absorbed prandially. Think commonly, below not hollow circumstance, it is advisable to eat persimmon not to exceed 200 grams every time.

3, persimmon contains more pectic, tannic acid, afore-mentioned material and can produce chemical reaction to make the gel that dissolves hard with hydrochloric aci

d in gastric juice piece, form gastric stone thereby.

4, persimmon sex is cold, if have gastric department cold cool person, unfavorable edible. Everyman edible is overmuch, also can arise corresponding unwell, so good thing also wants right amount eat cannot eat more.

What person does not suit to eat persimmon

1, diabetic person

Persimmon contains sugar the volume is high, therein advocate if sucrose, dextrose reachs fructose, after eating be absorbed very easily, make blood sugar elevatory. To diabetic person, especially blood sugar is controlled not beautiful person it is harmful.

2, anaemic person

The tannic acid in persimmon can be united in wedlock with the iron in food, cloggy human body is absorbed to what the iron in food pledges, be with, anaemic patient should eat less had better.

3, taste function not beautiful person

Persimmon suits taste to digest the person edible with normal function, other, gastric persimmon stone forms likelihood and gastric function disorder to concern. Be with, taste function not beautiful person be like taste have loose bowels, jalf congealed, unfavorable edible persimmon.

Can eat persimmon in the evening

Persimmon does not eat before sleeping in the evening. Persimmon is everybody prefers eating fruit, persimmon is delicious, should not be much truly eat, before suiting to sleep in the late evening especially, eat. A kind of tan is contained in persimmon acid, this kind of material enters a stomach in hind, the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice in meeting and stomach produces reaction, form the tannic acid albumen that is melted away not easily by gastric disappear, namely the bezoar that common people often says, cause a stomach the symptom such as uncomfortable, stomach-ache, disgusting, vomiting. Serious need operation is treated, if be evening,eat, the peristalsis of gastric bowel itself in evening is slow, eat the persimmon in the stomach to be digested not easily, can increase a burden to gastric bowel, cause indigestion. Also can increase the risk that forms bezoar, before sleeping in the evening, cannot eat persimmon, before the proposal sleeps in the evening, do not have a thing, can increase gastric bowel burden otherwise, the influence is healthy.