After black chicken broth has been being stewed, general metropolis has an oil above soup, a lot of people can give oil do drink boiling water again, so does this oil on face of black chicken broth have nutrition? Understand together fall.

Does the oil above black chicken broth have nutrition

Have certain nutrition.

The grease of black chicken broth is fat of a kind of animal, contain rich saturated fatty acid among them, acid of this lipoid fat has very high quantity of heat, suit to need a large number of motion or lactation female edible, can help complementary capabilities, stimulative physical strength restores, but if move less or level of the cholesterol inside body is higher person unfavorable edible, can be opposite otherwise the body is adverse, and absorb overmuch grease, cause easily still queasy, disgusting path of bowel waiting for a stomach is unwell reaction.

How is black chicken broth stewed not oily

The grease in black chicken broth comes from more at gallinaceous skin, the adipose content in gallinaceous skin is mor

e, and adipose cell is very small, coagulate not easily together, so soup and oil are cast aside clear hard quite. If stew the black chicken broth that come out to compare oil, can join a few low adipose oil absorption feed material to be put together stew boil, those who reduce black chicken broth is oily, be like: Xianggu mushroom, yam, agaric.

The practice of black chicken broth

Material: Chicken of donkey-hide gelatin, black, the root of remembranous milk vetch, red jujube, dangshen, medlar, salt.


1, the chop after black chicken is abluent piece, the scald in be being thrown into hot water is scooped in a few minutes.

2, donkey-hide gelatin is knocked broken.

3, the root of remembranous milk vetch, dangshen, red jujube and medlar are washed clean, put in small bowl to reserve.

4, prepare arenaceous boiler, add right amount clear water, will feed material to fall into the stockpot, small fire turns after conflagration is boiled.

5, it is OK that small fire stews 2 hours slow, join salt to flavor finally.

Black chicken broth has what nutrition

The amino acid that human body of draw together of the biscuit in black chicken broth cannot lack, egg ammonia acid and group ammonia are acerbity, have very high nourishing and officinal value. The most important is black there is a kind of extremely tall nourishing melanin inside chicken, can method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, raise blood, filling empty while, still can fill liver of essence of kidney, hurried, beneficial. Often drinkable black chicken broth, return the immune function that can enhance human body, antagonism consenescence also has better effect.