Everybody should have heard of rife common sense in the life, so does your understanding stay up late? Small today make up understand together with everybody, the harm that often stays up late after all, and often stay up late what bubble water to drink? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

The harm that often stays up late

The harm that often stays up late still is rife, staying up late to be returned to neurological influence above all is very big. The patient can appear giddy, memory drops, scatterbrained expression, serious still can cause cerebral blood-vessel accident. The resistance that stays up late to still can bring about human body drops, appear likely the phenomenon of the cold, also can take the advantage of empty with etc disease and enter. Stay up late meet those who bring about eyesight drop, and nerve sex has a headache the odds that waits for generation can increase, staying up late to be returned to the harm of human body so is very big, had assured oneself Morpheus time and Morpheus quality so, very crucial still. If patient occurrence brain is hemal accident symptom, the examination that should have nerve internal medicine in time will determine the rate of the disease, should realise the harm that stay up late still is very big adequately so.

Often stay up late what bubble water to drink?

1, green tea

To the person that often stays up late, green tea is the crowd that suits to stay up late most drinkable, the spirit in the person when staying up late is exceedingly tired out, need a cup of green tea life-giving. The theine in green tea can stimulate central nervous, life-giving wake head, still can promote metabolism, eliminate exhaustion. In addition, often staying up late now is not to computer, be opposite namely a mobile phone, green tea has very good radiation-proof effect, can reduce computer radiant harm, more advantageous to human body health. Do not pass the person with bad intestines and stomach, had better change the tea that drinks medlar bubble water, can solve pressure, OK still bright eye.

2, medlar bubble water

Often stay up late bad to the body, cross-eye eyeball has very great harm more, the man that often stays up late so should take a few nutrition elements that contain a lot ofB of vitamin A, vitamin and protective eye more. Rich medlar polysaccharide, adipose, protein is contained a lot ofin medlar, still have vitamin B1, B2, E, C, especially kind carotene content is very high, can make an eye bright, eye shot clarity. Rinse medlar clean with clear water first, r

eoccupy boiled water immerses, can edible, daily two cups. In addition, medlar has raise liver bright eye, enrich the blood the action that calm the nerves, to staying up late hind acid of occurrence waist genu is random, eyestrain, dry have very good effect.

3, tea of rock candy mint

Develop bubble together with field mint leaf and rock candy or honey, suit the crowd that stay up late very much. The convulsion that tea of rock candy mint can bring with preventing to stay up late, reduce muscle inflexible, life-giving wake head, alleviate pressure, to staying up late hind occurrence nerve exhaustion, giddy crowd has very good effect. In addition, mint tea still can stimulate the food movement inside enteron, help aid digestion, suit intestines and stomach especially unwell perhaps ate too after crossing a stodge drinkable. The job is in the office worker before computer, should drink a cup of cool and refreshing mint tea when feeling mental not good, be helpful for life-giving wake head, alleviate pressure.

Often stay up late it what eat is good to what eat

Below have to circumstance, the evening shift that be like a value, burn the midnight oil, rush job, review a homework to receive an exam to wait, some people need to stay up late. And we are not advocated stay up late, but be in act against one's will but below the circumstance, have now and then stay up late after the circumstance, want to notice compensatory nutrition, the attention protects his body, food grains other than wheat and rice of food crops of low fat, low caloric should have on food, fresh fruit. Be like apple, banana, and protein, wait like milk, egg, can have profit to the body. When using a brain in the late evening especially, need the supply of a large number of blood, usable still invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu medicaments, have the supply of enough oxygen even, and quiet good environment. Should not stay up late at 11 o'clock more than at night, but as a last resort below the circumstance, if need to be on duty after 11 o'clock, can take some of food taken late at night, appropriate of food taken late at night is fresh the food of rich nutrition, but the measure should not pass much, avoid gastric bowel path to suffer stimulation. Criterion above food can have profit to the body.

After staying up late how recreative physical strength

1, strengthen nutrition, notice the complement of high grade albumen.

2, choice quantity pledges less tall protein, wait like milk, beef, pork, cruelly oppress.

3, animal protein contains human body indispensible and amino acid, rise to fight fatigue action.

4, can eat bit of dried fruit to be like walnut, big jujube, longan, earthnut to wait.

5, contain B of E of rich protein, vitamin, vitamin, calcium to wait among them, cholesterol content is low.

6, strengthen exercise, can undertake taking exercise according to oneself age and interest, raise fitness.