The likelihood is in everybody the grouper in impression is black commonly, see gules grouper can feel strange to blame so, after all its color is so bright-coloured, can so red grouper eat after all?

Red grouper is poisonous

Some is poisonous, why to eat grouper is the meeting toxic? Because live in deep-sea grouper to be blocked very easily by snow,this is enroach on of mildew element place, these toxin are in enter piscine system inside later, meeting assemble is in cruelly oppress, splanchnic with germen in. Grouper is bigger, the toxin of assemble is more also.

And a kind when red grouper serves as grouper, also be very easy of enroach on of place of the toxin that be planted by this, reason red grouper also is poisonous. But this also is not to say all red grouper are poisonous, only those live in the fish all round coral to affect this kind of toxin more easily.

Can red grouper pregnant woman eat

Red grouper pregnant woman can eat. The nutrition with red rich grouper is very beneficial to pregnant mom and darling, can give pregnant mom compensatory energy on one hand, can grow to fetal complement on the other hand the nutriment that development place needs, kill two birds with one stone, everyone is happy.

Nevertheless pregnant mom also should notice, although the nutrition of grouper is very rich, but because it lives in deep-sea in, the meeting inside body contains a few toxin, this is very adverse to us, this respect must want to guard a pass strictly.

The practice of red grouper

Material: Ginger of garlic of sauce of claw of red grouper, chicken, meat, salt, chili, cooking wine, green


1, Gong Shiban is washed clean (the black film of abdomen blows clean) , cut

2 paragraphs, bloat 10 minutes with 1 teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoon cooking wine.

2, ginger section, green cuts chopped green onion. In putting Jiang Pian oily bowl next, explode sweet.

3, rinse the fish with water, with moisture of kitchen paper blot, put the simmer in water in boiler next.

4, unripe smoke, candy and cooking wine are smooth, fall on piscine body, in the cap on the lid small baked wheaten cake 8 minutes.

5, during giving boiler scatter quickly on chopped green onion again empty stew 2 minutes can.

How does red grouper choose

Feral grouper flesh is qualitative relatively delicious, mobile power is high, piscine body color is changeful and decorative pattern is clear, the price is higher nevertheless. Breed aquatics grouper although the flesh is qualitative commonner, do not spend build bulk consistent, flesh is qualitative softer, flavour is very delicious also, the price is relatively cheap. Piscine body fleshy should choose when buying bouncy person for beautiful. The flesh of grouper is qualitative stronger, branch is even also, so no matter piscine head, middle or it is piscine end, taste taste is good.