Plantain is a kind of plant of medical property in containing, it is having the effect that a lot of our expect are less than, be first-rate to the body, it is medicine 3 minutes nevertheless poison, can be plantain taken for a long time?

Can be plantain taken for a long time

Plantain cannot be taken for long, because material of this kind of Chinese traditional medicine is not of absolute safety, can cause certain side effect to the body, if be in,apparently uncomfortable symptom appeared after eating plantain, should stop immediately, plantain is material of Chinese tradition

al medicine of a kind of cold sex, clear liver can be achieved after taking bright eye and action of clear hot diuresis. Can treat as a kind of medicinal material will use, also can treat as one kind feeds material to use, must notice to understand its relevant knowledge before take, if oneself constitution is frailer, do not suggest to take plantain, can let path of intestines and stomach appear uncomfortable symptom, right healthy very adverse.

Can be plantain drunk more


Plantain does not want excessive edible, because plantain belongs to cold sex, if edible is overmuch, possible meeting causes diarrhoea, go against the normal peristalsis of intestines and stomach, go against pair of nurture to digest and be absorbed character, go against grow development and metabolism, be opposite especially for the person of body empty, also want right amount use, can harm the body otherwise, pregnant woman also wants right amount edible, do not want excessive use, meet otherwise to fetal growth development has certain effect.

Plantain how make tea

Raw material: The tuber of dwarf lilyturf, plantain, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia.


1, the seed of boat-fruited sterculia abluent, cut two half, put the; in the cup

2, mix plantain the tuber of dwarf lilyturf is abluent, put the; in the teacup

3, infuse is right amount boiling water, the cup on the lid builds;

4, strong bubble 5~10 minute, can drinkable.

The advantage that plantain bubble water drinks

1 diuresis stops have diarrhoea

The scope of application of plantain is very wide, plantain also can be called different name, tongue resembling an ox is careless, lichen is waited a moment, think in respect of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plantain is cold sex medicinal material, after developing bubble with water can drink after half hour probably, have very good diuresis, stop the effect that have diarrhoea and make expectoration easy still have bright eye to wait a moment, if the body appeared oedema, hot weather is wet double perhaps eye is aglow and the circumstance of corrupt much cough, also can drink plantain bubble water have treatment.

2 counteractive tumour

Very rich nutrition material is contained inside plantain, the meeting after be being drunk brings a lot of profit to the body, it is in light of medical respect, rife chemistry material is contained inside plantain, for example before the car child before polysaccharide, adipose oil, car is being stuck before purine of acerbity, gland, car child glucoside, choline and a variety of candy cent. Additional, newest scientific research returns discovery, before the car child medium extraction content still has sarcoma to have certain inhibition to cancer, can effective safeguard is healthy.

3 antifebrile detumescence

Think in respect of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plantain still can achieve very good antifebrile detumescence effect, still can stop have diarrhoea Qing Dynasty is hot, can treat dry wet problem, plantain still can treat all sorts of damp and hot model the disease of qualitative sex of disease and blood, common have diarrhoea, instantly, month of haemorrhage, female passes much, guttural gall, toothache, otalgia and haemorrhoid to wait a moment, can effective your body restores health.