Everybody should have heard of rife fruit in the life, so do you understand litchi nucleus? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all litchi nucleus has what effect, and can litchi nucleus eat? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Litchi nucleus has what effect

One, Wen Zhong comes loose cold effect

Sex of laborious of litchi nucleus flavour is lukewarm, have Wen Zhong to come loose cold action, commonly used Yu Han coagulates the cure with the aching gastral cavity of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, have certain curative effect.

2, the function with acetanilide regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it

Litchi nucleus rational enrages acetanilide action. Litchi nucleus laborious is lukewarm, enter classics of liver, kidney, can use at the little stomach ache such as gall of colic, spermary, additional, litchi nucleus has very good effect to the bellyacke before the female classics of be caused by of Yu of blood of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy and postpartum bellyacke.

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3, drive is cold the action of warm stomach

Litchi nucleus has drive the effect of cold warm stomach. Icy to the hands or feet that algidity brings about, gastral cavity painful, dysmenorrhoea unwell have alleviate very well action.

4, fall the action of hematic fat

Litchi nucleus is had fall the action of hematic fat, litchi nucleus still can adjust effectively hematic fat metabolization is disorder.

5, fall the action of blood sugar

Litchi nucleus still is had fall the effect of blood sugar. The black glucoside part that contains in litchi nucleus can help auxiliary cure be not insulin dependence diabetic, can compare effective help to assist fall blood sugar.

Can litchi nucleus eat

Litchi not only delicious and mouthfeel Qing Dynasty is sweet, it is one of fruits that bear broad crowd gay, litchi flesh for nothing tender tender very delicious. Eat litchi every time, litchi nucleus resembles trashy and same throw away them. Actually, litchi nucleus is Chinese traditional medicine material, although bulk is small, but effect is very big. Litchi nucleus is direct edible is to be no good, also can be born without the person swallow litchi nucleus. Grind litchi nucleus commonly pulverize is used as medicine, or enter bolus, medicinal powder edible. In addition still some of person likes to boil water to treat litchi disease with litchi nucleus.

How can be litchi nucleus taken

1. knocks litchi nucleus earthenware pot is put after breaking.

2. adds leach bubble moment, decoction 30 minutes.

3. goes broken bits takes juice, take the advantage of tepid transfer into honey, blend even, can.

2 times cent takes 4. time.

What does the effect that water of litchi nucleus bubble drinks have

1, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it is acetanilide. Litchi nucleus is lukewarm sex medicinal material, have special acetanilide effect to kidney classics, liver. In addition, painful to spermary gall, colic wait to also have the curative effect that showing. Litchi nucleus taste is bitte

r, have certain effect to preventing belch, have loose bowels, meet belch to be able to try litchi nucleus pink so. To the effect with litchi quite acetanilide nuclear energy, because litchi nucleus sex is lukewarm dispel is cold, can aerate so medicinal powder regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it of knot, scanty liver.

2, tone dysmenorrhoea, cure is postpartum painful. Menstruation is the female's trouble, dysmenorrhoea is half alive letting a person more. Can try to boil water with litchi nucleus now, acetanilide effect is apparent. Postpartum female returns the medicinal material such as can tie-in angelica, motherwort to be taken at the same time, acetanilide and apparent.